We provide day services offering people a chance to pursue meaningful and valued work, social and leisure activities.

Anyone is welcome at a community or day centre, including people known to mental health services. Places are usually allocated following a needs assessment by social care services.

In your area, there may also be other day centres and luncheon clubs run by voluntary organisations or local mental health services. Details of clubs, organisations and groups in your area are available on the community directory:

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Attending a community or day centre

If you want to attend a community or day centre, contact your care co-ordinator, if you have one. Or you can contact us to ask for this. We will then arrange for your need for community care services to be looked at via a social care needs assessment. After this, you and your care co-ordinator may decide that attending a day centre is right for you.

Additional information from NHS Choices

See the NHS Choices pages below for more information on staying active and healthy: