Get information about the community renewal funding available in North Yorkshire.

The funding aims to invest in skills, businesses, local places and helping people into employment. Each district or borough council area of North Yorkshire could apply for up to £3 million (90% revenue funding, 10% capital) and for projects that must be fully completed by March 2022.

Applications for the Community Renewal Fund have now closed. The government are aiming to announce successful projects by late July 2021 with funding being distributed shortly after.

We submitted 28 innovative projects, totalling £8.46m worth of bids, to the government in June, made up of around £3m worth of bids in the Scarborough area, £1.94m in Richmondshire, £980,000 in Ryedale, £818,400 in Hambleton, £818,300 in Craven, £467,600 in Selby and £465,400 in Harrogate.

Due to business sensitivity we cannot give details of the individual bids at the current time. 

Allocation of funding for successful bids

Successful bids will be subject to a funding agreement with the Lead Authority (North Yorkshire County Council). 50% of the funding will be issued on receipt of invoices during the project period and the rest issued after the projects’ completion, again on receipt of invoices. Payment up front for up to 50% of the funding can be made in exceptional circumstances.

North Yorkshire's Strategic priorities

To support delivery against North Yorkshires’ strategic priorities we encouraged projects within the following themes:

  • Town centres – supporting innovative approaches for the reopening and regeneration of our town centres
  • Community investment – supporting wellbeing of people and communities, addressing local community needs
  • Smart places (digital connectivity) - enhanced digitisation and connectivity
  • Tourism, heritage and culture– promoting high value tourism, culture led regeneration and preserving local assets
  • Business and employment – support for business start-ups,  business growth and employment support
  • Skills – retraining, upskilling or reskilling; digital skills
  • Green future - feasibility studies and projects for net-zero (including energy & the circular economy), enhancing natural capital

For more information on the fund you can email or see other ways to get in touch.

To help ensure that projects help to meet local need, you can find additional information on the regions strategic plans in the following: 

Government priorities

The government’s community renewal fund prospectus recommended projects should be innovative, impactful and deliverable and that the value of individual bids should be in the region of £500,000. Although there is no lower value limit for applications, projects which fall between £100,000 and £1 million were strongly encouraged. Organisations were advised to look to aggregate small projects into larger programmes of over £100,000 wherever possible to deliver greater efficiency and impact. All projects were asked to include an allocation of a minimum of £10,000 for evaluation.

Investment will be prioritised for projects in the following areas:

  • investment in skills – work based training; retraining, upskilling or reskilling; digital skills and inclusion
  • investment for local business – support for new job opportunities; innovation potential; supporting decarbonisation measures
  • investment in communities and place – feasibility for net zero and energy; promoting culture led regeneration and community development; improving green spaces and preserving local assets; promoting rural connectivity
  • supporting people into employment – engagement with local services; addressing barriers to gaining employment; developing basic skills; testing what works in helping people into work

Applications were also asked to reflect the government priorities linked to zero carbon, equalities and the internal, UK market.

Applying for the fund

Applications for the fund have now closed.

You can still read the  Community Renewal Fund North Yorkshire Prospectus (pdf / 166 KB) for more information.

You can also read our Community Renewal Fund privacy notice about the application. 

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund. The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. This aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It invests in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment.

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Who can apply?

Prospective applicants can be business groups, charities, voluntary groups, universities and local authorities from across the North Yorkshire area.

Prospective applicants can submit their project proposal either individually or in partnership with other organisations/groups.

Does the grant funding have to be on revenue spending only?

Yes, the UK Community Renewal Funding scheme is interested in bids where 90% of funding is based on revenue spend with a small amount (10%) of capital funding.

Does the project proposal have to be for a specific investment priority?

Ideally, a project should align with one priority or deliver across several of the following investment priorities:

  • investment in skills
  • investment for local business
  • investment in communities and place
  • supporting people into employment

However there will be no ring-fences applied across these themes. This will enable projects to be designed to take a more holistic approach.

Don’t worry if you are unsure which investment priority your project best aligns to because we, acting as the Lead Authority, will align the project to the most appropriate priority/priorities. The most important aspect is to submit your project proposal on time.

Do we need to obtain additional funding to support a project proposal?

No, the Council recognises that not all projects or applicants will be able to secure match funding, and it is not expected. However applicants should note that value for money is a selection consideration and the overall funding package for each project, including any match funding, will be taken into account.

The main requirement of the UK Community Renewal Fund is that the revenue funds must be spent and delivered by March 2022.

How will the lead authority (North Yorkshire County Council) assess the bids?

All project proposals will be assessed using the government’s gateway criteria assessment process. The assessment process requires the project to demonstrate the following criteria. The project proposal:

  1. will be delivered (including all expenditure incurred) by 31 March 2022
  2. responds to a need identified in the prospectus
  3. does not duplicate other national or local provision
  4. does not conflict with national policy
  5. will be delivered by a legally constituted organisation that can receive public funds
  6. will be delivered in line with subsidy control/State Aid requirements
  7. will be delivered in accordance with branding requirements
  8. must be submitted by the lead authority
  9. organisations should be able to submit their bids via an open process led by the lead authority

The project must pass all gateway criteria to be considered for selection. Failure to adequately demonstrate one or more of these criteria will result in project rejection. To find out more details on the assessment criteria please refer to the UK Community Renewal Fund: assessment criteria.