Community right to challenge gives communities chance run and shape services on our behalf where they believe they can do so differently and better.

An expression of interest in running a service should be submitted. If we accept your expression of interest, we will run a procurement exercise, which means we will invite interested bodies to bid for the contract to run the service. This will be open to any qualified organisation to bid for, including the private sector.

Services the community right to challenge applies to

The community right to challenge applies to almost all our services, including those which are currently contracted out to other providers. A small number of services are excluded including those for a named person with complex individual health or social care needs.

Before submitting an expression of interest

Please read the statutory guidance before submitting an expression of interest.

There may be ways in which we can help you achieve what you want without having to submit an expression of interest. If you are considering submitting an expression of interest, we would welcome a discussion with you in advance. Please select the most relevant contact from the list below:

Central services (and for general enquiries)
The central services directorate comprises legal and democratic services, human resources, policy and partnerships, communications, complaints, civic office, financial management, ICT, property, customer services, library and community services and business transformation.

Neil Irving, assistant director (policy, partnerships and communities)

Business and environmental services
This service manages, maintains and improves roads and footways and provides services that include concessionary fares, bridges, gritting in winter, road safety, facilities for cyclists and pedestrians and support for public passenger transport. Further responsibilities include: managing waste disposal, household waste recycling centres, trading standards and animal health and welfare (livestock), strategic planning for land use, mineral and waste planning, economic development, public rights of way and countryside services.

Barrie Mason, assistant director (highways and transportation

Children and young people's service
This service maintains schools, special schools and children's centres. It also provides integrated youth support services, adult learning, supports pre-school and childcare groups and has responsibility for commissioning post-16 educational provision. It protects and supports vulnerable children and families by looking after children in foster care, and provides services to the families of disabled children and young people. It is also responsible for leading and coordinating the multi-agency Children's Trust, which focuses on vulnerable children and young people.

Howard Emmett, assistant director (strategic resources),

Health and adult services
This service supports and provides a wide range of adult social care services to North Yorkshire residents. This includes people who are vulnerable, older people, those with learning disabilities or mental health needs and people with physical disabilities. It also offers services for the carers and families of those receiving our support. To help improve people's health and wellbeing the directorate is increasingly working with health partners such as GPs to provide a range of relevant services.

Dale Owens, assistant director (commissioning)

Submit an expression of interest

If you wish to submit an expression of interest, you must do so between 18 February and 31 March each year.

 Please download and complete the expression of interest form (doc / 65 KB) and return it by email to Neil Irving, assistant director (policy, partnerships and communities):

After submitting an expression of interest

We will consider your expression of interest and will either reject or accept it depending upon whether it meets the statutory guidance on the community right to challenge. Before we make a final decision we may agree to you making modifications to your expression of interest.


We will let you know by 30 April of the same year, the maximum period that we will take to let you know whether your expression of interest has been accepted or rejected and publish details of the service specification. We may need to specify different periods for different cases due to the nature, scale and complexity of the service to which your expression of interest relates. If the service is already contracted out, we will delay consideration of your expression of interest until we start to plan what will happen when the current contract ends.

If we accept your expression of interest, the procurement process will normally start no sooner than two months and no later than six months after acceptance. In developing the procurement process we will need to consider the length of contract likely to provide us with best value. In some service areas future requirements may be likely to change and it may be appropriate to award contracts for a relatively short time period, linked to the budget cycle, particularly during periods when our budget is under pressure.

If we reject your expression of interest we will publish the reason for rejection.