Information about our bid for connected vehicle data funding from the Department for Transport.

The digital transformation is rapidly changing the way we travel on our roads and how we provide and maintain our infrastructure. The Department for Transport has launched a competition to help stimulate further transformation and to enhance Britain’s position as a leading transport innovator. Their aim is to help encourage highway authorities to make road transport increasingly smart through the use of data and connectivity to improve safety, efficiency, and emissions.

On 14 December 2017, The Department for Transport announced the competition seeking proposals to demonstrate connected vehicle applications that provide real benefit to local authorities - to access data on road condition information and asset management.

The total fund available is £500,000. Of this, £30,000 to £100,000 is available for local authorities to bid for projects which cover the following:

•    to demonstrate the capability of connected vehicle data;
•    improve the quality of road condition and asset management data;
•    provide the business case for more widespread deployment across a number of highway authorities;
•    enable the development of smart asset strategies based on harvested intelligence; and
•    help support innovation within the private sector supply chain.

Our bid for funding

We submitted a bid for the £50,000 connected vehicle data project on 16 February 2018.

We are looking to work with a company to develop a connected vehicle data tool that utilises smartphones to produce video and photographs to collect the county’s highway inventory data. The smartphone application will be used to collect raw data from a vehicle or hand held. The raw data will be refined with elaborate image recognition algorithms and signal processing methods. This tool will be used for intelligent infrastructure management providing up-to-date visual data for documenting, automated inventories of street furniture and road condition analysis.

The project we have bid for is to collect our road traffic signs on our category 2, 3a and 3b highway network (approximately 2,150km of roads) and then to import this into our highway maintenance information system. The data can be collected continually and downloaded in either real-time or in batches. We can then use this data to enable us to monitor and replace defective and damaged signs.

See our  connected vehicle data funding bid here (pdf / 993 KB).