Information on the consultation for Hawes traffic measures.

The Safer Roads Fund was established by the Department for Transport to provide road safety improvements on the 50 highest risk local A Roads in England. North Yorkshire County Council have successfully bid, and have been approved funding for the following locations:

  • A167 Topcliffe to Busby Stoop
  • A6108 from Ripon to Scotch Corner
  • A684 from Leeming Bar to junction 37of the M6
  • A682 Barrowford to A65 at Long Preston

The original bid documents can be viewed here.

The A684 bid comprised of a number of works proposals including:

  • Hawes Town Centre
  • Various junction improvements
  • Layby improvements
  • Road marking improvements
  • Drainage works
  • Improvements to Traffic Signals

Proposed scheme plan

A  plan of the proposals for Hawes is available here. (pdf / 507 KB)  

Larger versions of these plans and pre-paid response forms are available at the following locations:

  • Hawes Community Office

Please respect the Community Office Covid 19 arrangements when attending this venue.


The consultation has now closed. We received a large volume of responses and we are currently working through them. We will share the outcome of the consultation as soon as we can.

Potential safety issues

Proposed solutions

Hawes Market Place:

Currently to the North side of the Market Place there is no formal footway for pedestrians to use and parked vehicles frequently prevent the free movement of people around the Market Place.

Proposal 1:

We propose to install a new raised footway around the northern perimeter of the Market place to provide a safe route for pedestrians.

Provision of a raised kerb will deter vehicles from parking on and obstructing the footway.

Hawes Market Place:

The existing Market Place currently features informal parking arrangements for vehicles which can lead to reduced availability of spaces due to vehicles parking inefficiently.

Proposal 2:

We propose to introduce new formalised parking arrangements with spaces clearly indicated by road markings and with the aim of increasing the overall number of parking spaces within Hawes Town Centre.

Hawes Town Centre:

Within Hawes Town Centre there is currently a lack of formal pedestrian crossing facilities across the A684.

Proposal 3:

We propose to introduce a new signalised crossing at the Junction of the A684 and The Hill to provide a safe place for pedestrians to cross between the Market Place and the Hill.

Hawes Town Centre:

Currently there is an existing one-way system in place on the A684 Penn Lane and the Hill/Pennine Way. The existing layout features narrow footways on the Holme and the Hill which inhibits safe movement of pedestrians throughout the Town.

Proposals 4 to 10:

These proposals have the overall aim of improving accessibility and safety for pedestrians throughout Hawes Town centre whilst also minimising disruption to vehicles travelling through Hawes on the A684.


We propose to remove the one-way system and introduce traffic signal control on the A684 at the junction of Market Place/The Hill/The Holme. As part of this proposal 2-way traffic flow will be introduced on Penn Lane (Proposal 6) and the Hill will be closed to vehicles with one-way restricted access for residents and businesses only (Proposal 8).


It is proposed that signals on the A684 at the Holme on the A684 will operate a shuttle system controlling flow of Eastbound and Westbound through the Holme (proposal 5). The system would enable the footways on The Holme to be widened to provide improved accessibility for pedestrians (proposal 4)


The introduction of the traffic signals will enable the creation of a new pedestrianised area on the Hill and Pennine Way (Proposal 6) and enable the creation of new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing facilities aiming to improve connectivity and safety for pedestrians throughout the town centre.


Proposal 7 involves reversing the existing one-way system in place between Penn Lane and the Hill as this removes any disruption to traffic caused by vehicles waiting to turn right off the A684 towards The Hill.


As part of removal of the one-way system the junction of the A684 and Pennine Way will be reconfigured to a simple T-junction layout to improve traffic flow on the A684 (Proposal 9) whilst retaining access to Pennine Way.


As part of the removal of the one-way system the existing bus stop opposite the parking area on Pennine Way near the playground will be repositioned to the east on the A684 (Proposal 10)

Hawes Town Centre

Carriageway and footways in need of repair.

It is proposed that as part of the A684 improvements to resurface the carriageway and footways throughout the extents of the scheme in Hawes.