Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccinations in North Yorkshire

The NHS is vaccinating people against coronavirus (Covid-19) across the country.

It is vital to get both vaccine doses and your booster to protect yourself and those around you from Covid-19. All adults are eligible to book a booster vaccination as long as it has been at least three months since your second dose.

Book a vaccination or booster

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Get a booster at a walk-in clinic

North Yorkshire is covered by three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), you can attend any walk-in clinic, even if you live in an area covered by a different CCG:

Are you a front line social care worker or employer?

Read information for service providers and frontline workers to support the rollout of the national Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Transport to appointments

If you need transport please ask family, friends or neighbours if they can help. Public transport or local taxi firms may be an option and are all aware of government covid-safe guidance. Your local community transport scheme, which is run by volunteers, might also be able to help.

If you don’t have family, friends or neighbours who can help and public transport, taxis and community transport schemes are not an option, please contact your local community support organisation and explain the situation. We will work with them to find a solution. Find out more on our help for you during coronavirus page.

Accessible information and community languages

Find easy to use information about the vaccine in accessible formats and community languages.