See information on the number of cases and how it is changing across the county and where you live.

Respect and protect North Yorkshire

Respect and protect North Yorkshire to stop the spread of Covid-19. Find more advice on our Respect and protect North Yorkshire page.

The current situation in North Yorkshire

Map showing the latest covid levels

Coronavirus data

Data is available nationally and updated on a daily basis. This includes data on case numbers at district level and more local communities, known as Middle Super Output Areas. You can see this data on the government's UK summary of Covid-19 and the government's coronavirus data by cases.

The data is constantly refreshed as tests are processed. It can take a number of days for testing swabs to be processed so numbers reported are subject to change. As a result, we focus more on trends rather than day to day numbers as this gives a more complete picture of the true number of cases.

7 day rate and number of new cases by district

These figures are indicative and based on positive test results data supplied to us for the 7 day period preceding the ‘latest data’ date, and will not include test results that are still being processed.

As of 17 November, Public Health England has changed the way it identifies where a person with a positive test lives. As a result, rates and cases from 1 September may have changed. 

You can read Public Health England's statement on the changes to the geographical allocation of positive cases.

Cases in your local area

These figures are based on positive test results available within the last seven days by local community area, known as Middle Super Output Areas. The figures may not include test results that are still being processed.