The council constitution explains our structure and workings, including all the rules and procedures under which we operate.

It is divided into 16 sections which set out the basic rules governing our business:

  1. The council constitution
  2. Members of the council
  3. Citizens and the council
  4. The full council
  5. Chairing the council
  6. Overview and scrutiny committees
  7. The executive
  8. Regulatory and other committees
  9. The standards committee
  10. Area committees
  11. Joint arrangements
  12. Staff
  13. Decision making
  14. Finance, contracts and legal matters
  15. Review and revision of the constitution
  16. Suspension, interpretation and publication of the constitution.

Viewing the council constitution

You can view the latest version of the council constitution here.

Verification number notice

The authority’s proper officer has published the number that is equal to 5% of the number of local government electors shown in the electoral registers having effect for North Yorkshire on 15 February 2019, for the purposes of determining the validity of any petition for a referendum on whether the authority should change to a different form of governance presented after 31 March 2019 and before 1 April 2020.  Please see the full notice for 2019 (pdf / 64 KB). You can also see  the previous 2018 notice (pdf / 64 KB).

Officers' code of conduct

 You can view the officers' code of conduct policy here (pdf / 222 KB).