The council plan 2019-23 details how we intend to adapt to meet the challenges up until 2023.

It sets out our vision and values and describes a three pronged approach - to provide leadership, enable individuals, families and communities to do the best for themselves, and to ensure the delivery of our own high quality services.

The plan identifies four key ambitions for 2023:

  • every child and young person has the best possible start in life;
  • every adult has a longer, healthier and independent life;
  • North Yorkshire is a place with a strong economy and a commitment to sustainable growth that enables our citizens to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations; and
  • we are a modern council which puts our customers at the heart of what we do.

The plan describes how the council needs to continue to change, details some of our recent achievements and sets out our priorities for action for the next four years. It also details where our funding comes from and what it is spent on.

View the council plan

 You can view the latest version of the council plan here (pdf / 959 KB). We update the plan each year.

It is also available in alternative formats:

An  equality impact assessment (pdf / 409 KB) of the plan has also been carried out.

We are also required to give 28 days notice of key decisions due to be taken. We therefore publish a forward plan of key decisions at least once a month.

In addition to the council plan, we also publish detailed strategies, plans and policies.