Standards of behaviour within the council are regulated by codes of conduct and an ethical framework.

We are proactive in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct through our standards committee.

All elected councillors and voting co-opted members on council committees (collectively known as "members") must comply with the  code of conduct for members (pdf / 130 KB).

The code deals with general provisions, such as the scope and application of the code and general obligations, for example:

  • not treating others with disrespect;
  • not doing anything which may cause the county council to breach any equality enactment;
  • not bullying anyone;
  • not doing anything which compromises the impartiality of those who work for the authority; and
  • not doing anything to bring the position of member or the authority into disrepute.

The code also deals with the declaration of members' interests.

Complaining about a breach of the code of conduct

The responsibility for receiving and assessing complaints that a member may have breached the code of conduct lies with the monitoring officer, in consultation with the independent person for standards. This is done in accordance with  agreed local assessment criteria (pdf / 14 KB).

The procedure which the standards committee hearing panel will follow in discharging its functions in relation to the determination of complaints can be accessed in the  standards arrangements (pdf / 128 KB) document.

The standards committee can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a member which falls within the scope of the code of conduct. If you make a complaint under the standards framework, it must be about why you think a member has not followed the code.

Submitting a complaint

You must submit your complaint in writing using the  complaint form (pdf / 56 KB), to:

Barry Khan
Monitoring officer
North Yorkshire County Council,
County Hall,
North Yorkshire

See the monitoring officer page for further contact details.

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