North Yorkshire County Council Determination of school admission arrangements for the 2022-2023 school year

Notice is hereby given that North Yorkshire County Council, being the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled primary, infant, junior and secondary schools in its area, have determined the admission arrangements for the 2022/2023 school year for admission into:

  1. The Reception Year at all primary and infant schools
  2. Year 3 in all junior schools
  3. Year 7 in all secondary schools
  4. Year 12 in secondary schools with post-16 provision

The admission arrangements for other schools which are not community or voluntary controlled schools are determined by their respective governing bodies or academy trusts. Copies of the determined admission arrangements for these Schools and Academies are available from the individual schools.

Determination of the admission arrangements at schools maintained by the Authority were made following consultation, as set out in The School Admissions Code and relevant legislation.  Copies of the determined admission arrangements are available for inspection at:

Children and Young Peoples Services, County Hall, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 8AD and also on the Council’s website admission, statistics and policies page.

Any person or body can object to the admission arrangements, where they provide their name and address, by writing to the school adjudicator, except where:

  1. the objection seeks, in substance, an alteration to admission arrangements for a grammar school;
  2. the objection seeks, in substance, to remove selection from a selective Academy;
  3. the objection relates to a non-increase in admission number for a school for which the local authority is not the admissions authority;
  4. the objection relates to a non-increase in admission number for a community or voluntary controlled school, except where the objection is by the governing body of that school
  5. the objection relates to an existing agreement for the admissions arrangements of an Academy to vary from the School Admissions Code
  6. the adjudicator has, within the last 2 years, made a decision to an objection to the admission arrangements of a school or Academy, and where any new objection referred to the adjudicator raises the same or substantially the same issues in relation to those admission arrangements.

All objections must be received by the adjudicator on or before 15 May 2021, at:

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator

Mowden Hall, Staindrop Road, Darlington, DL3 9BG

Tel: 0870 0012468 Fax: 01325 391313

Signed:   Stuart Carlton

Corporate Director, Children and Young Peoples Service

Dated: 17 February 2021