Devolution and North Yorkshire

We believe the government's offer on devolution is a great opportunity for North Yorkshire and the wider Yorkshire area.

It offers the chance to set out, with our partners, our ambitions and what we want to ask of government. We are grasping this opportunity, because with the promise of greater local powers for regions we believe that we can build on what we have already achieved.

County Councillor Carl Les, the leader of North Yorkshire County Council, said: "Whilst our first preference is for devolution to a wider Yorkshire footprint, we appreciate that this may not happen if other authorities do not agree and this LEP-based bid is an excellent one that will deliver prosperity and growth."

"North Yorkshire, together with the City of York and East Riding of Yorkshire are a rich mix of urban, rural and coastal areas and offer great opportunities to help meet shared local and national challenges, most notably the north-south productivity gap and the transformation of public services".

"We welcome this opportunity to contribute to the future shaping of our region. It is important to remember, however, that this is the start of a dialogue between the councils and central government about the content of the submission.

"The outcomes of this debate will enable us to develop a public consultation on our final proposal which we will encourage all our residents to participate in."


Further information will appear on this page as the devolution process progresses.