Digital challenge discovery process

The North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board supports the development of innovative digital solutions to health and social care.

There are two major challenges facing health and social care across the county, namely:

  • How do we better connect people in rural areas to improve well-being and reduce pressure on the health and social care systems while improving service efficiency?
  • How can we support mental health and wellbeing by reducing loneliness for people, who are currently digitally excluded, using technology that is inclusive, accessible and intuitive?

North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board has identified £50,000 of funding to support up to four proposals.

The North Yorkshire digital challenge is open to:

  • registered companies;
  • voluntary sector organisations; and
  • higher education institutions.

By accepting the grant award the successful bidders agree that to work alongside constituent organisations of the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board as mentioned under 'North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board'. Specific IP arrangements will be agreed on a case by case basis.

By accepting the grant award the successful bidder agrees to match fund the sum awarded, this may be either financial or in-kind through work completed.

Challenge entrants benefit from:

  • the opportunity to explore creative solutions to operational and policy challenges;
  • funding to find and develop innovative solutions across health and social care; and
  • the chance to make an impact in an emerging sector which is keen to see innovation and growth.

To be selected for a North Yorkshire digital challenge, the entrant must address and present an innovative and solution to the challenges named under the section 'Reasons to be part of the North Yorkshire digital challenge'. They must also:

  • be novel and innovative;
  • bring better services or reduced costs;
  • be scalable to the purposes of North Yorkshire County Council;
  • able to (or has the potential to) integrate with existing North Yorkshire County Council and / or NHS systems;
  • operate to national and international data standards to include interoperability;
  • be accessible and intuitive for people of all abilities including people who are not digital natives and those with additional needs such as learning disabilities or people living with dementia; and
  • successful bidders will be able to show a clear pathway to delivery within a 12 month timescale from award.

A panel of health, social care and IT professionals will evaluate the submissions based upon the following criteria:

  • How well the idea meets the challenge set?
  • How innovative is the idea?
  • Is the proposal countywide or targeted to specific geography or groups within population?
  • Therefore is this scalable or realistic?

The challenge process will consist of three stages of evaluation.

Stage 1: Written submission via the application form attached, evaluation by a team of IT and social care professionals. There are up to six bids to be taken forward.

Stage 2: Presentation and practical demonstration to members of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Stage 3: Final evaluation and award decision by a team of IT and social care professionals.

Stage Date
Publication of challenge requirements 25/3/2019
Deadline for receipt of bids 29/4/2019
Notification to successful bidders to proceed to stage two 10/5/2019
Second stage - presentation to North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board 24/5/2019
Notification of between one and four successful bidders 31/5/2019
Mobilisation and implementation 01/6/2019

The North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board is a statutory body and comprises representatives from the County Council, District Councils, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England, North Yorkshire Healthwatch, NHS Foundation Trusts, the emergency services  and the voluntary sector.

Its core functions are to:

  • encourage the improvement and integration of working of health and social care for North Yorkshire;
  • promote integration and partnership across the Council’s area including promoting joined up commissioning plans across the NHS Social Care and public health;
  • support joint commissioning and pooled budgets; and
  • assess the needs of the population in the Council’s area and lead the statutory Joint Strategic Needs assessment and the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

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