Find out what happens at your education, health and care plan annual review.

If you have an education, health and care (EHCP) plan, we will review the plan once a year to see how much progress you have made and make sure the plan is still right for you.

The annual review is to:

  • look at your progress
  • check you are getting the right help
  • make sure it describes your needs
  • set new targets

At the annual review

The meeting will normally include:

  • your views of the past year and the views of your parents or carers and the school
  • whether you have you met your targets
  • the outcomes for the next year
  • the help needed from the school
  • whether the education, health and care plan (EHCP) needs updating
  • a talk about preparation for adulthood, if appropriate

Who can come to the review?

These people can attend the review:

  • you
  • parents or carers
  • a teacher
  • someone from North Yorkshire County Council's education support
  • health experts
  • anyone else you want to invite

After the review

The school will write a report. The report will be sent to everyone in the review.