The exercise referral scheme offers eligible patients the opportunity to take part in tailored physical activity schemes.

The schemes are offered at a reduced cost, in a number of locations across North Yorkshire.

The purpose of exercise referral schemes is to increase physical activity among people who are inactive or sedentary and are otherwise healthy or who already have a health condition or other risk factors for disease.

Referral to the scheme

Referral to the scheme can be sought through a health professional, who can refer patients to the scheme via a referral form. Completed referral forms should be forwarded to the relevant leisure facility by the referring GP or health professional. A copy should also be retained for the patient's notes.

Exercise referral schemes in North Yorkshire

Exercise referral schemes, or exercise only elements of existing lifestyle weight management programmes, are in existence in the following districts:

Please note that Ryedale District Council and Hambleton District Council do not currently run exercise referral schemes. Further information on tier 2 lifestyle weight management programmes, which contain an exercise element, can be found here.

National resources

To find out more about the benefits of being physically active and some easy ways to move more throughout your day, visit the One You campaign website.

Further information on physical activity is also available on the NHS Choices website.

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