Extra care housing offers a wide range of options for any eligible individuals. It doesn't matter if you rent or own your current home.

Some extra care developments offer homes to buy and others offer only rented accommodation. Some are mixed tenure, including rent, shared ownership and outright sales.

Most schemes offer a choice of one- or two-bedroom accommodation. You would either have a tenancy agreement if you rent, or a lease if you purchase your apartment. This gives you a strong element of control over your future. You would have the legal right to occupy as a tenant or owner.

What a move to extra care will cost you

If you are thinking of moving into extra care housing, it is important to find out exactly what it will cost you. You may qualify for benefits to meet all or part of the costs.

There are several elements to the cost of extra care housing, such as:

  • the cost of buying or renting your new home;
  • the service charge associated with your home;
  • the care and support costs (a separate financial assessment is completed to determine the amount you would have to pay);
  • day-to-day living costs which will include the cost of electricity, council tax, telephone and groceries; and
  • some schemes operate a background support service; your ability to contribute towards this service will be included in your financial assessment.

Costs vary from scheme to scheme. For current prices for specific schemes, contact the scheme manager.

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