Extra care housing offers innovative ways of supporting you to live independently for as long as you can.

It gives you the security and privacy of a home of your own, a range of facilities on the premises and access to 24-hour care and support services, if needed.


We work in partnership to help housing organisations develop a high standard of extra care living. There are many schemes across North Yorkshire, usually run by housing associations, and all are home to a mix of residents needing varying levels of support. With extra care you stay in control of your own future, retaining dignity, security and choice.

Extra care housing is different because:

  • you are living "in your own home" and not in a care home;
  • private accommodation is available for rent, shared ownership or sale;
  • you have your own front door so you control who comes in and when;
  • couples and friends can stay together;
  • there is a mix of able and less able people to reflect a true community;
  • 24-hour care and support services are available on site;
  • you get support to keep your independence;
  • you can join in social activities or you can be private;
  • you have control over your finances and support if you need help to manage them; and
  • you have security, as the aim is a home for life.

Each extra care housing scheme will have a range of facilities on site, such as a shop, hair and beauty salon, café or restaurant, lounge, hobbies room and library. Local people are encouraged to make use of the facilities, making the scheme an integral part of local life.

Care and support for independent living

On-site support staff will get to know you and the other residents and be able to monitor your day-to-day wellbeing. Flexibility is built into the care, so if you are temporarily poorly or have spent time in hospital, support can be increased and gradually decreased as you recover.

Who can live at a scheme?

Broadly speaking, to be eligible, you will usually be 55 or over (or younger with a disability) with a housing, care or support need and meet the eligibility criteria in order of priority below:

  1. already living in the town or nearby village in which the scheme is built;
  2. already living in the district or borough council area;
  3. already living in the county council area;
  4. living outside of the county but with a local connection, for instance a move to be nearer to family; then
  5. living outside of the county with no local connection.

Anyone wanting to live in the scheme will have to fill in an application and be willing to have their care and support needs assessed. An allocations panel will decide who is offered accommodation.

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