Filey’s position as one of North Yorkshire’s most loved tourist destinations means the town – and its beach – are instantly recognisable to most people in the county.

But there is a side to the town which most of the holidaymakers and day trippers don’t see – the community which call Filey “home”, who work hard to make it such a fine place to live.

Many people put their efforts into organising a wide range of activities that help to ensure community spirit thrives in the town, despite its ever-changing tourist population.

Their efforts mean Filey has a host of activities available to all sections of the population.

Like all communities, Filey cannot afford to stand still and by the spring a new masterplan stretching a decade of future development should have been completed, helping to project the town into the future for both residents and the visitors whose presence helps to give the town its personality.

Councillor Helen Swiers, who represents the area, said: “Filey has a tremendous community and the work they are happy to do means there is always a lot happening for people to get involved with.

“I am always happy to offer as much support as I can through my localities budget. When we have people with the skills, knowledge and commitment to help others it is wonderful to be in a position to support them.

“Their involvement helps to make Filey the town that it is,” she said.