Flavia has worked for the last four years helping people who have come out of hospital or experienced a physical or mental difficulty, to get back on their own feet in their own home.

“Being a care professional is something I am so proud of. Every day in the job is different and at the end of every day I always feel I have made a difference,” said Flavia Nyambira, a North Yorkshire care and support worker. 

She came into the care profession after 11 years working in the British Army as a postal and courier service operator in Germany. When Flavia was posted back to Catterick with her soldier husband and their three children she started to look for work that she could fit around her family. 

She said: “I absolutely loved being a care worker from day one and in this job I am supported and given every opportunity to do the work to the best of my ability.” 

Flavia was taken on under the County Council’s apprenticeship scheme and is currently working to complete her NVQ level 3, which will give her the qualification to become a team leader.  

She said: “I don’t just have a job, I have a career and I am learning while I am working.”

Flavia is given one day a week to complete her studies and is considering going on to become a social worker in the long term. 

She said: “I thought about going to university to study to be a social worker, but I didn’t want to come out with a debt. With this job, I could apply to be supported to gain my social work qualification. 

“The rewards of being in the care profession are huge.  

“I support people with care and encouragement and the right equipment to regain confidence to do things for themselves again. It’s so great to see the look of happiness on their faces when they can get back their independence.  

“Everybody we care for has a story to tell and it’s good to be a listening ear when they are going through a difficult situation.  

“I support people of all ages. You always have that satisfaction knowing every day that you have done something worthwhile for somebody.”