Proposals for the use of Funding for Supported Bus Services and Rural Mobility Fund in North Yorkshire.

Following the announcement from the Department for Transport on 6 February we would like to seek proposals for the use of Funding for Supported Bus Services and Rural Mobility Fund in North Yorkshire.

Funding for Supported Bus Services

The funding for supported bus services in 2020-21 is being provided to local authorities as revenue support to help provide more bus services. The Government expects this funding to be used to improve the provision of local bus services in one or more of the following ways:

  • to improve current local bus services - for instance increasing evening or weekend frequencies, or supporting additional seasonal services in tourist areas;
  • to restore lost bus routes where most needed to ensure people have access to public transport services;
  • to support new bus services, or extensions to current services, to access e.g. new housing, employment opportunities, healthcare facilities etc.

In North Yorkshire, we have been asked to submit proposals to allocate £757,000 for use in 2020/21 for this funding.

Rural Mobility Fund

The primary objective of the Rural Mobility Fund is to trial demand-responsive transport solutions in providing transport services which work better for local residents of rural and suburban areas than traditional transport services (i.e. timetabled bus services).

The demand responsive transport solutions would either fill a gap in provision, where there is no current local transport offer, or complement existing timetabled bus services, for example by acting as a feed-in service. The intention of the fund is not to replace or compete with existing local transport services unless those services are failing. 

The focus of the fund is on projects setting up services in places where they do not already exist. Existing schemes looking to expand their network or improve the services provided to local residents will also be considered. Services should enhance the opportunity of residents in accessing education, employment, healthcare and other services, and enable greater social inclusion. The solution should also demonstrate diversity of passenger groups, making the solution distinct from dial-a-ride and community transport services.

Applying for funding

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for consideration for either, or both of the above funds you should complete the relevant proposal form below and return it to us as soon as possible and no later than 9 March 2020. We understand that this is a short deadline but the Department for Transport have given us a very tight timescale to submit our statement of intent/bid.

Any suggestions are welcome but you should consider how we would demonstrate that your proposals meet the objectives above. Please also provide clear evidence that local communities will benefit from your proposal and how we might measure, monitor, and report on the outcome of your proposal should it be allocated funding.

Completed proposal forms should be emailed to

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