Funerals, burials, cremations and memorials

Details on where to find information about buying a grave, funeral costs and memorial construction.

In North Yorkshire, a number of services such as funerals and managing cemeteries are the responsibility of your local district or borough council or local church.

Buying a grave

We do not provide burial services. In North Yorkshire, cemeteries are the responsibility of the district or borough councils, town or parish councils or local churches. They can provide information on the purchase of grave plots. You will need to contact your local authority for more information.

Cost information

Many options are available when arranging a funeral and costs vary considerably. Some costs are called disbursements. These are fees paid to others, such as for the crematorium, minister, doctors' certificates, newspaper announcements and flowers. Ask the funeral director for a written quotation detailing all these fees. Your local district or borough council may be able to provide more specific information and advice.

Independent funerals

When arranging a funeral, you do not have to use the services of a funeral director. It is possible for you to make all the arrangements yourself. We are unable to advise you personally but your local district or borough council can provide information and advice on arranging an independent funeral.

Low-cost funerals

If you are receiving benefits, or are on a low income, you may be able to receive financial help towards funeral costs. We do not provide funeral services, so are unable to advise you personally. Your local district or borough council will be able to look at the benefits you receive, or your income, and advise you accordingly. You may also be eligible for a one-off payment towards the cost of the funeral.

Memorial construction

We do not provide memorial services. In North Yorkshire, the construction and maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the district or borough councils. A wide range of memorials are available for both burial and cremation. You must get permission from your local authority before the memorial is erected as they are responsible for memorials meeting cemetery regulations. You need to contact them with the exact details of the construction of the memorial, the method of erection and the inscription.