We have a number of exciting opportunities across our organisation to join our graduate programme.

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  • We will support your professional development and give you the opportunity to learn valuable skills.

Graduate opportunities 2021-22

We are excited to be offering opportunities across the organisation for recent graduates and current undergraduates looking to start positions in 2022; who have the skills, attitude and motivation to join us at this very challenging and exciting time. We believe that we need graduate talent to help us meet our challenges head-on, and we are passionate about bringing in new talent to help our organisation develop and progress. We have previously delivered successful graduate programmes and are pleased to develop this offer further for our 2021-22 cohort.

We are seeking candidates who can be:

  • innovative
  • creative
  • challenging
  • resilient
  • persuasive
  • inspirational

Most importantly, we seek individuals with the ambition and drive to help us provide excellent services to the people of our community.

Working at North Yorkshire County Council


About our graduate development programme

These roles will form part of our graduate development programme, which offers you the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in roles supporting the operational delivery of frontline services. These positions will be fast-paced and will require individuals who can demonstrate resilience and an ability to develop creative solutions to help shape services of the future.
This is a two year programme and will integrate training within the operational job role. It will include a variety of training and development opportunities, which are undertaken in a group setting with other graduates who join the 2021-22 cohort. We are committed to helping you secure a position with North Yorkshire County Council at the end of your programme, and you will be able to apply for internal and external vacancies which arise. The learning and development you gain through the programme will strengthen your ability to secure further employment.

As part of the development programme, you will complete the following in-house training:

  • Corporate induction
  • Aspiring managers programme
  • Senior managers’ seminars (led by the Chief Executive)
  • Managers webinars programme
  • Access to online material, including Ashridge Management College.
  • Graduate network membership, including ‘lunchtime learning’.
  • Mentor support
  • Management skills training if you acquire staff to manage during your programme or to support permanent placement following the graduate programme.

We also expect that graduates will learn about the political landscape of authority, and understand working with elected members to help shape our services and community focus.

In addition to your line manager, we will provide a structured mentoring support scheme with a senior manager to all participants on the programme; either in the authority or a partner organisation. Continuous careers advice and guidance will be built into the programme to support you in identifying areas you would like to develop and how your career aspirations can be achieved within the council.

You will also benefit from attending senior manager seminars, which provide further learning and networking opportunities, with the chance to discuss topics and situations with senior managers who participate.

As we are recruiting for a number of graduate positions, you will benefit from having the support of fellow graduate trainees who you can network with, share experiences and participate as part of a group in wider corporate training and development. We have found from previous graduate programmes that this can be extremely beneficial, and often forges strong working relations.

We are committed to helping you secure a position with us at the end of the programme, and you will be able to apply for internal and external vacancies.

In addition to ongoing support and training throughout the graduate programme, we also offer a competitive pay scheme that allows your salary to progress on a regular basis. All of the graduate roles follow the same pay model, which is as follows:

  • first six months at £20,043
  • second six months at £20,852
  • final 12 months at £23,023

Pay progression is subject to satisfactory performance in the role.

Hear what our graduates have to say…

We are very lucky to have truly excellent graduates who work with our organisation, many of which have progressed to lead management roles. We strive to offer our graduates ongoing support in order to help them achieve their maximum potential. We asked some of our current graduates about their experience with our graduate programme, and here is what they had to say:

The NYCC Graduate Scheme is a fantastic opportunity and offers experience in a wide range of roles and teams across North Yorkshire County Council and Ryedale District Council. My role was in the Community Team at Ryedale District Council which was really interesting and challenging, every day offered something new. My University degrees were focussed in criminology and social research, so my role really allowed me to put this into practice and gain experience of working on community safety and anti-social behaviour cases. There was also opportunities to work on projects and campaigns, which added variety to the role.

My manager, mentors and team were so supportive and always encouraged me to take on challenging cases. No question was ever a silly question and everyone was happy to offer advice and guidance. I felt a valued member of the team from my first day, and my opinions and ideas were always taken into account. Support also came from the wider graduate cohort as it felt like a friendly, welcoming community. The weekly graduate drop-ins were great to have a catch up and ask any questions, and also to learn about the other graduate roles across Ryedale and NYCC. 

The scheme also supports you to progress in the future, through the Aspiring Managers and Middle Managers sessions. It was great to join a session that allowed me to think about how I want my career to progress into the future and listen to other graduates’ experiences and aspirations.

After 9 months on the graduate scheme, I was offered a permanent position in the Community Team at Ryedale District Council as Community Link Officer. This was made possible due to my time on the graduate scheme, as the role allowed me to learn key skills and gain direct experience in order for me to progress further; I am extremely grateful to the graduate scheme for this. The graduates are valued across both Ryedale and NYCC and the scheme is a great opportunity to join a local authority; I would encourage any graduate to go for it!

Thomas Bell, Graduate Trainee - Business TransformationThe North Yorkshire County Council graduate programme is fantastic, I simply cannot fault it! I had good support from not only my manager, team, other departments and mentor but also the talent management adviser and other graduates. I was never short of contacts; everyone is willing to help with any questions or queries you may have. The graduate development programme included aspiring managers and middle managers workshops, which were excellently presented and gave me a great insight into the next steps for my career. I also valued being part of the graduate network with topical talks from senior leaders in the Council.

Although social lives have been hindered due to COVID-19, us graduates on the scheme definitely made the most of what we had available. Ranging from having in person walks and picnics to having online quizzes, ‘guess who’ and many other mini games through Microsoft Teams. Hopefully the new graduates will be able to experience more in person activities in the future.

In my graduate role, I had the opportunity to work on many different projects, including rolling out a new remote desktop to all employees and gathered business requirements through a change advisory group report and presented these findings. I also completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment, conducted structured end user surveys and was tasked with creating the SharePoint intranet site which I was trusted enough to own. Through this I learnt how to use Power Automate to construct cloud flows, and created many Microsoft Forms. As a graduate, you are seen as an equal team member and your opinions, decisions and output of work is respected.

The progression after the graduate scheme is endless, whether you are a Council graduate or employed by North Yorkshire County Council and seconded to Ryedale District Council, there is definitely equal opportunity. The graduate scheme is a two-year scheme; however, I was on the scheme for nine months before securing a new role at North Yorkshire County Council as a Business Change Analyst, proving how valuable and respected the graduate programme is. This role will also provide further opportunities to study on the job, as I will be completing an Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship, which incorporates Lean Sigma Six Green Belt certification. This is an 18-month programme equivalent to level 4, which is highly valued and aligned to my role.

My role as Graduate HR / Organisational Development Officer exposed me to a range of unique challenges, helping to develop my critical thinking and interpersonal skills. I drew from abilities gained from both my working life and university to help contribute towards the organisational goals of North Yorkshire County Council, as well as learning new ways of working from inspiring leaders and hardworking teams. As a graduate I was expected to positively contribute by achieving set objectives, take responsibility for my learning, and respond to the challenging learning environment.

The North Yorkshire County Council graduate programme helped me progress to my current role of HR Advisor. I continue to draw on the training I undertook and connections I made during my time on the programme to help me solve problems and consider different viewpoints. I also still work closely with other graduate programme alumni.

I think this is a truly exciting time to work for a local authority, with the contribution from young people needed more so than ever before to push innovation and commerciality. The graduate programme was a fantastic opportunity and one I would invite graduates of all backgrounds to experience.

The North Yorkshire County Council graduate scheme has been a great opportunity and I am very grateful to have been a part of it. When completing my geography degree I was keen to find a job that I would enjoy. The graduate Public Rights of Way Field Officer role I have just completed ticked all the boxes; it was in an area I am interested in, I could use the skills gained at university and there was a clear structure of progression and training for the duration of the two-year scheme. 

I have really enjoyed the variety of tasks the role brings. My work involved different challenges, each with their own complexities; I have gone from building bridges one day to implementing and developing processes for dealing with customer service requests the next. The support given to me by my manager, mentor and colleagues has been invaluable and really helped me to develop my knowledge and expertise. The wider training and opportunities afforded as part of the scheme has been a great way to network and gain a broader understanding of the council.

Thanks to the skills and experience I have gained as part of the graduate scheme I have now been successful in securing a permanent position in North Yorkshire County Council, as a Public Rights of Way Officer. I would definitely recommend the graduate scheme to others.

The Council’s graduate programme is professional and well established with a high retention rate across cohorts. Corporate on boarding is supported through welcome briefings for line managers and their trainees, outlining the expectations and standards of the scheme, along with how to access to the graduate development offer, mentor support and the graduate network to connect with peers and learn more about the council as a whole.  

Graduate roles have included the following areas / specialisms:

Technology and Change, Communications, Personalisation, Practice and Safeguarding, Archivist, Customer Service, Public Rights of Way, Participation, Resourcing, Pay and Reward, Environmental Health, Waste and Environmental, Systems Development, Housing, Commercial, Digital Forensic Technician, Virtual School Officer, Inclusion and Diversity, Project Management Office, Employability, along with Housing, Technology and Sustainability.

Experiences of Graduates currently on our graduate programme: 

Francesca Floris, Graduate Trainee - Inclusion and Diversity Officer

"Francesca Floris, Graduate Trainee""The Graduate Inclusion and Diversity Officer role is a newly created role, so being the first graduate to be explicitly working on developing this agenda; it did feel a little bit daunting at first. However, having worked in the role for almost 5 months, it has been remarkable to see the speed of change, and it has been really fulfilling to feel part of this journey. I have been given the freedom and support to work towards making real and lasting change and improvement to diversity and inclusion at North Yorkshire County Council. This role has tested me, and through doing so has allowed me to really develop my abilities and think critically and creatively. I have the honour and pleasure of working with colleagues from across the council, whether they be senior leaders, or those working on the front line providing essential services to the public. I am always learning within my role and am far from an expert, but I have always felt that I am treated with respect and that my contributions are valued and taken seriously.

As a young person, I feel it is essential that we are given opportunities to develop our skills and expertise in supportive but also challenging environments. From my experience, this is what North Yorkshire County Council offers. The council is truly a vibrant and exciting place to work (even when working from home). Graduates, from all backgrounds, are essential to pushing the council forward, and from my perspective, our experiences, creative outlook, the ideas and solutions we bring to existing problems, are going to be central to creating a prosperous future for our council and the region as a whole".

Rachel Parks, Graduate Trainee - Waste and Recycling (seconded to Ryedale District Council)

"Rachel Parks, Graduate Trainee""The North Yorkshire County Council graduate programme has given me the opportunity to work with the Waste and Environment team at Ryedale District Council. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience from working on a number of projects to maintain an efficient waste collection service as well as increase recycling rates.

I have really enjoyed working with my team who are passionate about protecting the environment and throughout my time have felt well supported. Despite working throughout a pandemic, I have been encouraged to develop my skills through online webinars and training opportunities such as the Aspiring Managers course, which is provided by the council.

This graduate scheme has been an amazing opportunity and has undoubtedly set me on my future career path in the Waste and Environment sector".

Jessica Highfield - Graduate Trainee - Communications

"Jessica Highfield, Graduate Trainee""The graduate scheme at North Yorkshire County Council is a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the door and work with all types of people. My role as Graduate Trainee in the communications team has enabled me to develop my skills even further from university. There has been a clear path of development and the more I have exceled the more I am seen as a trustworthy and reliable member of the team. 

I have had amazing opportunities; working on the UCI world road cycling championships -out and about catching the action, running my ‘Made in North Yorkshire’ social media campaign, working alongside the press and all types of senior management are to name a few. You are exposed to so many great learning opportunities. I have gained so much knowledge on the way in which the council is structured and its values. 

The experience I have gained thus far is incredible. For me the workload has been so varied, working across the different teams, which sit in the wider communications team - one day I could be answering telephones to the press and the next I could be out interviewing members of the public. You learn from so many creative and different people. The support and advice from my manager has been invaluable and with this being my first proper job I feel so welcomed into such a lovely team. The council is a great place to work and I would recommend the graduate scheme to anyone, if you are thinking about applying then do it. The job has so many benefits and it’s very rewarding". 

Emma Pemberton, Project Manager Level 1 (Technology & Change)

"I joined the North Yorkshire County Council graduate scheme in August 2018 as a Graduate Trainee - Projects and Change Officer in Technology and Change.  The graduate programme was designed to help me explore three potential career pathways in the first year, gaining experience in each field, and I was able to use the second year of the programme to gain experience specifically relating to my chosen pathway.  It was great to have a number of options available and to be able to experience them in practice to inform my decision, rather than relying on a paper job description!

During my time on the graduate scheme I was given many opportunities to develop my skills through a fantastic array of training programmes, both relating to my role such as PRINCE2 and project management training, and training for future aspirations such as management and leadership courses.  I also found the peer support and mentoring I had access to invaluable and very useful for planning my medium and long term goals.

I would encourage anyone leaving university to consider a graduate role at North Yorkshire County Council.  The diversity of the organisation and roles on offer is second to none, and the support to find your perfect fit role, and to acquire the skills you need to be successful in applying for that role, is excellent.  It’s also really important to me to feel that my role is helping to make a difference in the world, and this is something which I feel working for the Council helps me to achieve".

Other fantastic feedback from our Graduate's who secured a role with us.

"I really enjoyed the role and learnt a lot in the short time on the graduate scheme before securing a permanent role.  There is a very positive work culture and supportive environment at North Yorkshire County Council, along with a good development offer to graduates on the scheme alongside their graduate role". 

"Really positive, good opportunity to go into a company at graduate level and gain support whilst learning on the job. Good role to get your foot in the door to a job in the Public Sector / Local Authority to help secure a role longer term. I enjoyed the variety of different placements providing new skills and experience. Highly recommend the councils graduate scheme and working in the public sector, there are also good rewards and benefits package available".

"Very positive experience on the council scheme with positive attitude to the graduates and managers wanting to help and use the new resource.  Great to have a ‘proper job’ and authority to take on the role which helped dealing with customers and good support to enable me to grow in knowledge and confidence to apply and succeed in securing a permanent role".

Our opportunities

We have a number of exciting positions available across the organisation. To find out more about these vacancies and how to apply, please click on the individual titles below:

Job Title: Graduate Trainee - Housing and Ryecare

Location: Malton, Ryedale District Council
Grade: E, F, G
Salary: 1-6 months £19,698, rising to £20,493 after 6 months and then £22,627 for the final 12 months of the scheme.
Contract: 2 years fixed term position as part of the NYCC / Ryedale District Council graduate programme
Hours: Full time, 37 hours per week
Responsible to: Kerry Clements

The Council’s housing responsibilities include the Council’s statutory housing functions and the private sector housing role, housing options services and housing links with Community safety, with the exception of Housing Management, This affords an opportunity to take a holistic view of all aspects of housing within the district and develop initiatives that may be used to benefit both social and private sector housing.  In order to illustrate the scope of duties and responsibilities these may be broadly categorised under the following headings:

  • Strategic Housing Function and Development
  • Private Sector Housing
  • Ryecare
  • Housing Options and Homelessness

The Ryecare Lifeline Service sits within the Councils Housing Function and provides 24/7 reassurance by way of an emergency pendant button getting help as and when needed for the Ryedale, Selby and Richmondshires most vulnerable residents allowing them to continue to live at home independently for as long as they are able.

Over the next few years Ryecare will embrace many changes - this includes changes to business processes to increase our local customer base in line with the Ryecare Business and Marketing Plan and a total upgrade of the call handling platform embracing new technology. The graduate role will spend time supporting the Ryecare Manager and staff to fulfil the targets set.  

The candidate will shadow experienced staff in the team learning, questioning and offering ideas of how the service could improve or evolve.

Benefits of working and learning in the service:

  • Experience of working in a busy rural District Council
  • Opportunity for graduates from a Housing or related discipline to apply and develop technical knowledge and skills
  • Learning from highly experienced Housing officers and other specialists
  • Opportunity to take responsibility for your own caseload
  • Developing confidence in your own judgment
  • Improving your communication and negotiation skills
  • Experience of working in partnership with other organisations, such as North Yorkshire County Council, Parish Councils, Registered Providers and statutory bodies including Homes England

All graduates are expected to participate in the ‘corporate graduate development programme’ – the content is as follows:-

  • Corporate Induction
  • Aspiring Managers Programme
  • Middle Managers Programme
  • Access to on line material, including Ashridge Management College
  • Graduate Network membership, including ‘lunchtime learning’
  • Mentor support

Graduates will be offered the appropriate management skills training if they have staff to manage during their programme or to support their permanent placement following the graduate programme

Start your journey to a great career and join us as a graduate.

Key dates:
Closing date: Wednesday 14th September 2022
Shortlisting Date: Thursday 15th September 2022
Interviews: Thursday 22nd September
Key documents:

Job Description/Person Specification

Visit our dedicated campaign page to learn more about our fantastic Graduate Programme and hear from our recent Graduates. 

If this role sounds like it could be for you, and you would like to gain more information, please email Kerry Clements on Kerry.Clements@ryedale.gov.uk

Apply here!

Job Title: Graduate Trainee – Resourcing Solutions (Executive Search Team)

Location: Northallerton/ Hybrid Working, North Yorkshire County Council
Grade: E, F, G
Salary: 1-6 months £21,968, rising to £22,777 after 6 months and then £24,948 for the final 12 months of the scheme
Contract: 2 years fixed term position as part of the NYCC graduate programme
Hours: Full time, 37 hours per week

Responsible to: Executive Search Lead, Resourcing Solutions Team

We have an exciting opportunity for a graduate to join North Yorkshire County Council as a Graduate Trainee in our Executive Search Team. If you are curious about the world in which we live and want to play a role in making sure we find and attract the very best talent for our vital public services, then read on...

The Resourcing Solutions Team

The Resourcing Solutions Team is a hybrid professional recruitment service, delivering the depth of a consultancy service associated with in-house talent acquisition services together with the tenacity, ingenuity and drive of a commercial recruitment consultancy. The best of both.

We are driven by our public sector ethos - we are a trusted partner, providing high impact services, but delivering with a commercial mindset using low cost, innovative methods to really drive value.

The Resourcing Solutions Team delivers a wide spectrum of resourcing services which includes executive search. We are the in-house recruiters to North Yorkshire County Council and our public sector partners, but also have over 400 trading clients and a growing commercial income across multiple sectors, including Local Government, Health & Social Care, Emergency Services and Education to name a few…..

Our growth to date has been based on reputation alone. Whilst we are multi-award winning and pioneering in much of what we do we are far from complacent. We have more to learn, more to achieve and that is where you can help us to make that difference.

As a result of our growth we are looking for a graduate to join us in the Executive Search Team.

The Executive Search Team

Our Executive Search Team has gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years and we are now poised for further significant growth. We are constantly winning new work as a result of our reputation, our ability to deliver successful results and our high levels of integrity. We are not for profit, we understand the public services sector better than anyone, and we deliver quality executive search services to our candidates and clients alike. 

You may not have heard of us before, so you might be surprised to hear that not only do we source and attract senior talent for our own teams here at North Yorkshire County Council, but we also act on a retained basis for a growing number of other clients across the wider UK public sector. 

The Role

You will help us to recruit executive leaders and senior professionals to public sector organisations throughout the country. This fast paced role will require you to deliver highly professional executive search resourcing solutions - -we are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues to join us and help to make a real difference by ensuring we attract the very best talent to these vital roles. We have a tried and tested approach with an impressive 100% fill rate, and you will benefit from working with credible professionals to develop and enhance the depth of your recruitment skills.

We are looking for engaging, articulate individuals who thrive on attention to detail.  We can provide you with training and support, as long as you bring curiosity and diligence to the table. Once in post, you will take time to understand local government and the wider public sector, and the vast range of roles and services we support. As you start to learn more about the sector you will be able to build your own networks and relationships with candidates, so that you can build up a pipeline of candidates as well as source referrals to help augment your research and market mapping every time.

You will need to be confident and willing to ask questions - and you will be surrounded by experienced and helpful colleagues who will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you. You will be keen to learn about the public sector and to find solutions against the odds.

You will work closely with senior stakeholders to take a brief about each role, and translate a client’s recruitment requirements into a compelling message that showcases the organisation, builds their profile, ignites interest from a competitive market and sets your role apart from others. At the same time you will make sure that you leave no stone unturned in the quest to proactively identify the best talent for each role, and will work closely with colleagues to ensure the research underpinning every assignment is top class. You will inspire your candidates to apply for opportunities, coaching them through the process, at the same time as building candidate pipelines for the future. 

You will be responsible for helping to arrange and organise the complex interview process which underpins each assignment - so the ability to multi task and be organised is very important. We aim to ensure that the experience enjoyed by our candidates and clients alike means that they seek us out when they are next looking to recruit, or looking for advice about their own next career move.

Above all your service will result in the successful appointment of exceptional executive leaders in the public sector; leaders who can make a profound and fundamental difference to other people’s lives.

What do we value and what do we want?

Positivity and Solution Focussed: Our focus is to move things forward and find solutions. We are highly knowledgeable experts in our field, but we are not bureaucrats. We ensure that we provide pragmatic solutions and advice to help solve problems rather than avoid them. We positively support one another right across the team.

Client and Candidate Care: Our aim is to ensure that everybody who deals with The Resourcing Solutions Team will have a positive experience, so we make every contact count, whether you are a client or a candidate. We know only too well that today’s candidate could become tomorrow’s client.

Inquisitive: We are all driven by the desire to know more about our clients, our candidates, the latest industry developments and best practice, as well as new digital solutions – this keeps us fresh, modern and open to new and more effective ways of working.

Resilient: We work in a very busy, fast paced environment, dealing with demanding stakeholders every day - so we are agile, we juggle conflicting demands and work at pace, thriving on pressure.

This is a really exciting time to be joining the team and with LGR also now upon us, the long term career possibilities afforded by working within the largest unitary authority in the UK are excellent.

For more information about the role please see the job description attached here  Graduate Trainee - Resourcing Solutions job description (pdf / 675 KB)

What can you expect from us?

In return, you will be surrounded by supportive colleagues who are passionate about making sure that we attract and retain the best talent for the public sector. You will receive a competitive salary, employer contribution pension and comprehensive benefits package, with incremental salary progression during your 2 year graduate career development programme.  Your role will provide access to a graduate development programme including a graduate network, leadership and management development events, coaching, mentoring and peer support from graduates on our ‘in house’ graduate programme which has been highly commended in the Best Talent Programme Awards of the Public Service People Managers Association PPMA – Public Services People Managers Association.

Please note that due to your client partnerships, you will sometimes work varied hours and locations to cover the peaks and troughs of recruitment. 

For more information about the role, please contact Penny Keatings who will be delighted to have a chat so you can learn a little more. Contact details are as follows:
Mobile 07811 411462; email Penny.Keatings@northyorks.gov.uk

How to apply and key dates:

If you wish to apply, please send your CV to Penny.Keatings@northyorks.gov.uk
It is important that in your application you address the following as we will use this to help shortlist applications, in addition to any specific requirements listed for the role.

1.    Why you have applied to the NYCC graduate programme.  (max 200 words)
2.    What you see as the key challenges ahead for Local Authorities, specifically North Yorkshire County Council. 
3.    Referencing our behaviours framework below, provide detailed evidence using examples of your ability to (Max 200 words per bullet point - total 1400 words):

  • Focus on customers and/or communities;
  • Take responsibility;
  • Work collaboratively with others;
  • Act with integrity;
  • Continuously improve and innovate; 
  • Lead by example
  • Above all, deliver high quality work with positivity and passion.

4.    What impact you think you will have if appointed to the programme. (Max 200 words)

Closing date: Sunday 4 September 2022 (midnight)
Interview Dates: TBC

Apply here

Job Title: Graduate Trainee Employability Adviser; Resourcing Solutions

Location: North Yorkshire with opportunity for hybrid working (office, home and client visits approx. 1 day a week)
Grade: E, F, G
Salary: 1-6 months £21,968, rising to £22,777 after 6 months and then £24,948 for the final 12 months of the scheme
Contract: 2 years fixed term position as part of the NYCC graduate programme
Hours: Full time, 37 hours per week

A remarkable opportunity has arisen to join our small team of Employability Advisers responsible for providing Careers and Employability support to refugees in North Yorkshire. This is a position where you can really make a difference to the lives of others, helping and supporting them to develop skills and ultimately gain employment.

The Graduate post-holder will provide support to the Refugee Employability Adviser, whilst training on the job to develop professional skills and experience in Careers Guidance. Both post-holders will predominately support Ukrainian refugees but will work alongside experienced colleagues who currently provide employability support to Syrian and Afghan refugees.

The role will initially be mostly desk-based and will involve supporting with developing CV’s and application forms, researching employment opportunities, converting foreign qualifications to an English equivalent and forming relationships with businesses that could potentially provide new employment opportunities to refugees. As you develop experience in the role you will start to shadow the Employability Adviser as they visit clients to provide careers advice, with a view to developing your own caseload of clients as your own knowledge and experience grows.

There may also be opportunities to deliver other careers and employability support work as you grow in the role including delivering employability workshops to young people or career changers.

These roles have arisen at a critical time, as the County Council and the seven district and borough councils in North Yorkshire are on a journey to merge into one new council in April 2023 as part of the Local Government Organisation (LGR).

Who are we seeking?

The Graduate Trainee Employability Adviser post will suit an individual who enjoys learning and is committed to undertaking training to gain a professional careers advice qualification via work based learning (Apprenticeship). We are seeking a graduate who has some experience of supporting others with their employability skills and has experience of successfully delivering projects.

We are committed to your personal development and will provide opportunities for your professional development.  Our existing Graduate Trainee praises the support we have provided to enhance career development through a wide range of opportunities;

"Since starting with NYCC, my knowledge and skills related to careers and employability have grown massively. This has been due to the ongoing support and encouragement I have received from the team around my own career development.

I have had the chance to shadow experienced careers advisers in schools, attend careers fairs at Universities and work alongside colleagues who support refugees. I have been trusted to deliver projects and form new working relationships. The NYCC Graduate Scheme has also been great at helping me understand a large and complex organisation and the principals of management skills. It’s been a really great experience in a supportive and friendly team who have helped me to feel more confident in my abilities at this early stage in my career”.

To be successful in this role you will need to be educated to a degree level and be able to evidence;

  • Communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving skills and the ability to find innovative solutions
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Experience of managing a busy workload within set deadlines
  • Experience of producing clear and concise short reports
  • Experience of successfully leading on projects and assignments
  • Experience of completing research and/or data analysis and making recommendations based on findings

NYCC Graduate Scheme

The post is part of our strong and successful in-house Graduate Scheme which is a 2-year scheme that aims to develop graduate talent in the organisation.  Our wider Corporate Graduate Development Programme includes;

  • Corporate Induction
  • Aspiring Managers Programme
  • Senior Managers Seminar (Led by the Chief Executive)
  • Managers webinar programme
  • Mentor support
  • Access to learning and development opportunities

There is a strong network of Graduate employees who share learning, provide support and further the opportunity to network across different service areas at the Council.

Our Service 

The Resourcing Solution is a hybrid professional recruitment service, delivering the depth of a consultancy service associated with in-house talent acquisition services together with the tenacity, ingenuity and drive of a commercial recruitment consultancy. The best of both.

The Resourcing Solution team delivers a wide spectrum of services that include: Executive Search, Permanent Recruitment, Recruitment Consultancy including agency services/interims, employability, careers advice, outplacement services, recruitment assessment services, recruitment marketing and digital solutions services. Our growth to date has been based on reputation alone. Whilst we are multi-award winning and pioneering in much of what we do; we are far from complacent, we have more to learn, more to achieve and that is where you can make that difference.

The recruitment market is tough and we want to be an employer of choice, where our employees feel included and respected in an increasingly diverse workforce. We want to attract new talent from all backgrounds – and our ultimate aim is for people to want to work for us due to our inclusivity and respect for all. The Inclusion and Diversity Officer is a key part of our recruitment approach, ensuring we maintain and develop as a genuinely inclusive and diverse employer, particularly as we move to form one new Council.

We’d like to hear from forward thinking individuals who are keen to learn and grow with us, who enjoy change and most of all a challenge….     

In return, you will develop your experience in a progressive, quality focussed team. You will receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package, including career average employer contribution pension.

Due to your client partnerships, you will work where is most effective, and from varied locations, including from the office, client meetings and home; to work with your stakeholders.  There will be a need to attend client meetings in the County of North Yorkshire on average two days per week.

What we value and are looking for;    

  • Positivity; we are focussed on moving things forward, not finding reasons not to. We positively support one another.
  • Customer Care; everyone one who comes into contact with The Resourcing Solution team will have a positive experience, we make every contact count. We care and take personal accountability for customer resolution. Our quality of service compels our clients to use us again and tell others about us. We are human and mistakes happen – this is learning. When mistakes happen we are mortified, transparent, take personal accountability, are driven to put it right; it drives improvement.  
  • Solution Focussed; we are experts in our field, but we are not bureaucrats, we do not hide behind policies we provide pragmatic solutions and advice to achieve our customers goals.  
  • Inquisitive; we want to know more about our customers, our candidates, our sectors, emerging technologies, the latest industry developments, best practice and legal compliance – this keeps us fresh, modern and open to new approaches and deliver solutions with depth.  
  • Resilient; being based within Human Resources is a tough, fast-paced and multi-faceted environment, dealing with demanding stakeholders. We are agile, juggle conflicting demands and work at pace; we thrive on pressure.  

We would love to talk to you about the opportunity! Call Keeley Metcalfe 07980725053 for an informal conversation. 

Key dates:
Closing date: Sunday 4th September 2022
We will process applications on receipt and shortlisted applicants may be invited to interview at a mutually convenient time. Telephone interviews due to take place either 5th or 6th September, and final interviews on Wednesday 14th September.

Key documents:

Graduate Trainee Employability Advisor Job Description/ Person Specification.docx

We are also advertising the role of Employability Adviser which may suit you if you already hold a Careers Advice qualification and have significant experience of providing careers advice. To view please go to www.nyccjobs.co.uk

Apply here!

Job Title: Graduate Trainee – Digital Content

Location: Northallerton/ Hybrid Working, North Yorkshire County Council
Grade: E, F, G
Salary: 1-6 months £20,042, rising to £20,493 after 6 months and then £23,002 for the final 12 months of the scheme.
Contract: 2 years fixed term position as part of the NYCC graduate programme
Hours: Full time, 37 hours per week

Responsible to: Team Leader - Digital, Video and Design

We now have an exciting opportunity for a graduate to join North Yorkshire County Council as a Graduate Trainee – Digital Content.

The Communications Unit provides a communications service which covers media relations, web and internet (including social media), internal communications, marketing, consultation, campaigns, video production design and corporate identity and public information, working with all services, at all levels and with external organisations.

The Digital, Video Design and Design Team has responsibility for the council’s website, intranet, social media, surveys, video production and design. The post holder will initially support the projects to deliver the new website and intranet for the new council, with a focus on creating effective website/intranet content, before supporting the team more widely following their launch.

Graduates who join NYCC are expected to:

  • Achieve the objectives set for them;  ask for help/clarity where needed;
  • Develop their knowledge through self-directed study – further research, reading and questions;
  • Fully participate in all training opportunities through on the job experience, mentoring and coaching and formal training and learning;
  • Work toward becoming a member/associate of the relevant professional body, where appropriate;
  • Make the most of the opportunities available within NYCC; and demonstrate NYCCs expected behaviours of:
  • Focussing on customers and communities;
  • Taking responsibility;
  • Working together;
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement and innovation; and leading by example
  • Leading by example

Reporting to the Team Leader for Digital, Video and Design and project leads, responsibilities will include:

  • Populating content on the newly built sites and directories they contain in line with our corporate style and approach to online information and services, ensuring they meet all of our legal requirements
  • Writing effective website/intranet content, with support from the project team, which prioritises the needs of residents, supports the customer journey and encourages channel shift
  •  Analysis of statistical data and feedback to ensure our content is driven by data
  • Monitoring and reporting progress against deadlines to the project team on a regular basis
  • Supporting the project team to complete and launch the sites
  • Following the launch of the new sites, support the team in the maintenance and updating of the sites as well as gaining experience in the wider delivery of digital communications.

Start your journey to a great career and join us as a graduate.

Key dates:
Closing date: Sunday 7th August 2022
Interviews: TBC
Key documents:

Graduate Trainee - Digital Content Job Description & Person Specification

Visit our dedicated campaign page to learn more about our fantastic Graduate Programme and hear from our recent Graduates. 

If this role sounds like it could be for you, and you would like to gain more information, please email Dan Morris on Dan.Morris@northyorks.gov.uk 


Apply here!

What we expect from you

When you join us as a graduate you will be expected to:

  • Achieve the objectives sent to you and ask for help and clarification where needed.
  • Develop your knowledge through self-directed study, further research, reading and questions.
  • Fully participate in all training opportunities through on-the-job experience, mentoring, coaching, formal training and learning.
  • Work toward becoming a member/associate of the relevant professional body, where appropriate.

You will also be expected to make the most of the opportunities available within the Council, and demonstrate our expected behaviours of:

  • Focussing on customers and communities
  • Taking responsibility
  • Working together
  • Acting with integrity
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Leading by example

Application tips

Before completing your application, please ensure that you have read the job description and person specification carefully - the information within these documents can be used as a guide for you to complete your supporting evidence section within your application. This section is very important and will play a key role in the success of your application, so please take your time when completing it. Please note to be successfully shortlisted, Managers will use your supporting evidence and will not consider any CVs uploaded.

If you are having any difficulties completing your application and would like some advice on this, please contact the Resourcing Solutions team via resourcingsolutions@northyorks.gov.uk subject: Graduate

We look forward to hearing from you!