Resources for staff, managers or tenants, around the measures implemented to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector.

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Information on how to report an outbreak in a hospitality, leisure or tourism setting can be found on the reporting an outbreak page.

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Hiya, I’m the general manager here at the Alexandra in Harrogate, and we'd just like to go through the Covid procedures that we've put in place since lockdown to help you guys stay safe.

We do ask everybody who comes into the venue to do the COVID-19 app. Do you have that?

I do yeah

Excellent, if you don't have it, you don't have to worry, we can log in manually on our system. But we do ask everybody to follow the track and trace system. so we are a cashless system so it must be card payments only, contactless where as possible, we ask everybody to sanitize their hands when they're come into the venue so if you could sanitize your hands as you come through please so we have table service in line with uk law.

Hi, welcome to Alexandra what can I get for you today?

Uh just a lime and soda please.

A lime and soda. That’s great would you like anything to eat with it?

No, just a drink.

 Just a drink, no problem if you stay seated I’ll bring that over to you. Thank you.

 There you go there's your drink. If you wouldn't mind taking that off the tray for me please. Yeah of course.

Thank you very much.

To summarise; to maintain safety in our business if we follow the track and trace procedures, wear our masks, fit to the social distancing guidelines, use our one-way system, the table service, and our cashless payment systems. We should all remain safe. Following the rules is really, really easy and if we all follow them, maintain our social distance and follow the instructions given to us by people in the hospitality industry then we'll all be remaining safe.