Hackney carriage and private hire licensing fees

Have your say on a single set of hackney carriage and private hire licensing fees that are due to be adopted with the launch of the new North Yorkshire Council.

Currently, the existing seven borough and district councils in North Yorkshire set their own hackney carriage and private hire licensing fees. But ahead of the new council becoming the sole licensing authority from 1 April, a single set of fees are due to be adopted, so that they are consistent across the whole county.

In accordance with national legislation, councils should not make a profit and demonstrate the fees are appropriate to cover the costs of administering the taxi licensing service. This includes drivers, vehicle and operators’ licences, inspections of vehicles, the provision of hackney carriage stands and administration and other costs relating to vehicle and operators’ licences. To determine the proposed fees, consideration of the existing fees across the seven borough and district councils has been given.

These fees will only apply for a new licence or renewing an existing licence after April 1, when the new council launches. Drivers with an existing licence that is still valid will not need to renew until the expiry date shown.

 Read the proposed table of fees. (pdf / 609 KB)

Any objections to the proposed table of fees can be made by emailing taxiconsultation@northyorks.gov.uk or in writing to licensing manager, Harrogate Borough Council, Civic Centre, St Luke’s Mount, Harrogate, HG1 2AE.

Objections must be received no later than 5pm on Monday 20 February. Any objections will be considered before a decision is taken. If no objections are received or are withdrawn, the new fees will apply from Saturday 1 April 2023.