Explore our map to see what active travel projects are happening around Harrogate.

Harrogate district has a number of active travel transport projects, either in development or in delivery. These projects have been developed as a result of our transport policies and planning work, projects pipeline, bids to government for funding, Local Plan development and economic development proposals and as part of ongoing work to reduce congestion in the area.

Over the last 5 years we have successfully secured over £15 million in Active Travel Funds to deliver sustainable Transport projects in the Harrogate District. This includes the National Productivity Fund - A package of highway and safety improvements along the Otley Road corridor, facilitating a more efficient use of the highway network, to help alleviate levels of congestion currently experienced along the Otley Road corridor, and the Transforming Cities Fund aimed at enhancing the public space and sustainable transport links in Harrogate Town Centre.

This map provides an overview of our active travel projects in Harrogate and shows how they links together. You can find out more about each project, including its current status, by clicking on the links within the map.

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