We are making road improvements and resurfacing in Ripon and Harrogate district which improve important commuter routes.

We received £13.7 million of funding from the Department of Transport. £1.6 Million will be spent between March and May to deliver improvements on some of the key commuter routes in the Harrogate district.

What the works involve

The schemes are:

  • Palace Road- Ripon starting 4 March - for approximately 5 weeks;
  • Killinghall to Ripon, Ripon Road and Harrogate Road;
  • Otley Road;
  • B6162 Otley Road Pot Bank;
  • Penny Pot Lane / Cornwall Road – Oakdale Bridge to Duchy Road junction;
  • Cornwall Road - Crescent Road to Clarence Drive;
  • Swan Road;
  • Crescent Road resurfacing – Royal Parade to Parliament Street;
  • Station Parade;
  • A61 Ripon Road;
  • Spring Lane Pannal; and
  • Wetherby Road.

Regular updates on progress will be available below.

Warning signs will be in place in advance of the works, indicating the start date and likely duration.

An interactive map gives details of current roadworks, road and lane closures, traffic orders and consultations relating to the searched location.

Background to the improvements

Otley Road has been the subject of frustration for a number of motorists in recent months as it has seen roadworks from Yorkshire Water and the developers in this area. Our resurfacing work will start in this location on 4 March, for two weeks, it has been carefully programmed in with the developers and utilities who are also wishing to carry out further works in part of this area.

Road closures will be kept to a minimum but may be required in some locations. Traffic management will be manually controlled at peak times, in the morning and afternoon, to ensure where possible traffic queues are kept to a minimum.

Work details and location plans

Details will be updated below as work is carried out.

All works are now completed. 

Map of Palace Road, Ripon

Week commencing 25 March

The intention is to complete all base and binder works by the end of Tuesday 26 March. Surfacing will begin on Wednesday 27 March until Tuesday 2 April, with lining works completing the programme on Wednesday 3 April.

Palace Road in Ripon street view

Week commencing 18 March

We are pleased to report that work on Palace Road is still on schedule. The reconstruction of the section between Kingsmead to the north of Primrose Drive is now completed. On Monday and Tuesday this week, planing and deep base, binder works will continue.

North Road and Palace Road will be closed from Thursday 20 March. This area will be planed and binder laid. After that, the contractor will follow with the asphalt and chippings on Friday 21 March.

Lining will be carried out on 22 March to fully complete the North Road works. During this time, access to Princess Road will only be available via Magdalen Road and the one-way system on Princess Road will be revoked.

Road repairs on Palace Road    Repair work being completed on Palace Road in Ripon

Week commencing 11 March

Works is progressing well and is on schedule. Approximately 400 metres of carriageway reconstruction has been completed from the 30mph speed limit sign, near Ripon golf course to Kingsmead during the first week.

This week we are working on the section between Kingsmead to the north of Primrose Drive.

Road works in place on Palace Road    Palace Road in Ripon with repair work being done

All works are now completed.

Ripley road closures map

Map of Ripon Road

The works involve carriageway patching. A temporary 10mph speed limit will be in force with traffic lights. On-site personnel will assist in managing access to properties within the works. There will be extended periods when access will not be possible due to the nature of the work and physical constraints of the site. Pedestrians and emergency vehicles will be able to access at all times.

Road work on Killinghall to Ripon

Week commencing 22 April

Day time works

Patching south of Quarry Moor and north of Wormald Green are now complete. We have started work south of the garden centre/north of Ripley.

Evening works

Work has started in the outskirts of Ripon, north of Morrison’s, doing civils works and patching. The area in front of McDonalds will be completed this week.

A road closure is required on the Ripley village leg of the Ripley north roundabout.

Roadworks on Ripon Road

All work is now completed.

Traffic lights on Otley Road

Junction on Otley Road

Map of Otley Road

Week commencing 18 March

The surface course has been laid to the three full width patches. Unfortunately, weather and high winds caused disruption last week.

This week the aim is to complete all patches up to the garden centre and lay patches from Pine Martin Public House to Plantation Road.

On Friday evening the work from Plantation Road to Harlow Moor Road is due to be carried out.

Work being completed on Otley Road

Roadworks on Otley Road

Road replacement on Otley Road

Week commencing 11 March

Unforeseen delays occurred on Tuesday due to a collapsed manhole that was covered by a sandstone slab. The contractor had to work beyond the 3.30pm finishing time, until 5.30pm to ensure the site was left safe.

Work is a day behind at present as some of the work requires hand laying. It is hoped that the time can be recovered further in the programme.

This week contractor will be laying the surface course to all areas planed out and planning out further patches and laying base and binder. Works will be weather dependent.

Road workers on Otley Road

Work being done on Otley Road

All work is now completed. 

Crossing at Plantation Road to Harlow Moor Road

Map of Otley Road

Surfacing is complete for Harlow Moor Road. Phase 1 and phase 2 road lining will be carried out overnight, by a mobile work team, from Tuesday 2 April.

Construction workers on Otley Road

All work is now completed. 

Junction on Otley Road

Maps of Otley Road

Harlow Moor Road to Wordsworth Crescent will be completed by Friday 5 April.

Wordsworth Crescent to Prince Of Wales Roundabout will be planed, resurfaced and completed between 15 April and 18 April.

All work is now completed.

Map of Penny Pot Lane

All works are now completed for Penny Pot Lane phase 1.

Penny Pot Lane

Penny Pot Lane with lights

Penny Pot Lane corner

Workers on Penny Pot Lane

All work is now completed.

Map of Penny Pot Lane

Patching works are being carried out from the junction with the B6451 to the junction with the B6161. A full road closure will be in operation with access to properties and the household waste recycling centre maintained.

All work is now completed.

Junction on Swan Road

Map view of Swan Road, Crescent Gardens and Back Crescent Gardens

All work is now completed.

Junction on Crescent Road

Map of Central Harrogate

All work is now completed. 

Pot Bank Road

Map of Pot Bank

All work is now completed.

Valley Drive Roundabout

Resurfaced road on Valley Drive Roundabout

Map of Valley Drive Roundabout

All work is now completed. 

Cars on Cornwall Road

Map of Cornwall Road

All work is now completed

Cars on Harlow Moor Road

Harlow Moor Road junction

Map of Harlow Moor Road

All work is now completed

Cars on Montpellier Parade

Corner of Montpellier Parade

Roadworks on Montpellier Parade

Workers on Montpellier Parade

Map of Montpellier Parade


All works are now complete.

Junction on Spring Lane

Road resurfacing on Spring Lane

Map of Spring Lane, Pannal

All work is now completed

Cars on Wetherby Road

Traffic lights on Wetherby Road

Roadworks on Wetherby Road

Map of Wetherby Road

Wetherby Road resurfacing from the Empress roundabout to just past Rudding Lane will be completed in 4 phases.

  • Phase 1 – Empress roundabout to Lancaster Park Road
  • Phase 2 – Lancaster Park Road to Woodlands Junction
  • Phase 3 – Woodlands junction to Sainsbury’s junction
  • Phase 4 – Sainsbury’s junction to just past Rudding Lane

The footway along this length of road will be slurry sealed later this summer.

All work is now completed.

Map of Station Parade

All work is now completed.

Map of A61 Harrogate Road


Roadworks on A61 Harrogate Road

All work is now completed.

Map of North Road and North Street