Harrogate Sustainable Improvement Package – West Harrogate

We have been awarded funding from the government's National Productivity Investment fund to deliver a Sustainable Transport Package in the West of Harrogate.

With contributions from ourselves, Harrogate Borough Council and developers, the total package will deliver £4.6m of improvements.

What will the package of improvements include?

Among the planned upgrades are improvements to junctions on Otley Road including smart traffic lights, extra traffic lanes, a new off road cycle lane to link into the developing cycle network and new or improved pedestrian crossings. These engineering measures will be complimented by an investment into the ‘softer’ measures such as publicity and education regarding sustainable travel.

The package of sustainable measures will help to improve safety and alleviate the levels of congestion currently experienced along the Otley Road corridor, accommodating the existing traffic and future growth of Harrogate as recognised in Harrogate Borough Council’s draft Local Plan.

Surveys and design work in relation to the ‘off road’ Otley Road cycle route and junction upgrade at Harlow Moor Road with Otley Road commenced in April 2018. The local highways team will be keeping the public up to date regarding design, programme and delivery over the next 18 months here.

Public Engagement Event - 21 January 2019

North Yorkshire County Council officers hosted a public engagement event at Harrogate Grammar school earlier this year. This event focused on the designs of Harlow Moor Road Junction and the Otley Road cycle route, schemes that have been developed as part of a wider package to improve congestion and the impact of future trip demand on the highway network. 

Attended by over 200 Harrogate residents and stakeholder representatives, the attendees were provided with the opportunity to discuss the draft pans with the designers. All comments were noted and have been considered as part of the final design of the schemes. A number of the key questions raised at the event have been collated in the  Questions and Answers document (pdf / 228 KB)

Scheme Updates

Otley Road Cycle Route

The cycle route has been designed off road along the wide footpath and verges of Otley Road. It has been designed to take cyclists on both sides of the road on segregated routes where site constraints allow, otherwise shared – approx. 42% segregated and 58% shared. The design has included a number of new junction upgrades to introduce two new Toucan facilities for cyclists. The design can be found at the link below.

 Otley Road Cycle Route Final Design (zip / 8 MB)

The design includes the use of the Stray, requiring a change in byelaw. This must be implemented by Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) under the Harrogate Stray Act 1985, and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) local highways team are liaising with Harrogate Officers. It is likely that the legal requirements associated with the Stray will not be concluded by the scheme start date. If this is the case, delivery of the cycle route will need to be split into phases.

The first phase to be delivered will be Harlow Moor Road to Arthur’s Avenue and the second phase, Arthurs Avenue to the Town Centre will be delivered at a later date once the use of the Stray and associated requirements have been concluded.

There will be a third phase that continues the route from Harlow Moor Road to Cardale Park. This element will be developer funded and discussions are ongoing regarding the design and delivery of this section. We will continue to work with the developers to ensure the appropriate standards are consistent with the off road cycle route delivered by us.

Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council Officers are currently considering locations where surfaced areas can be returned to grass. Appropriate consultations and permissions must then take place.

Harlow Moor Road Junction

Improvements at the junction of Harlow Moor Road with Otley Road will see the widening of the junction and the introduction of a left turn lane into Harlow Moor Road. This improvement will address the impact of queuing traffic in the short term but has also been designed to allow the capacity of future growth identified in Harrogate Borough Council’s Local Plan. The final design can be found at the link below.

 Harlow Moor Road Junction Final Design (pdf / 2 MB)

Scheme Delivery

A number of utility diversions are required to facilitate both the junction works and the cycle route. All necessary parties were identified (including Virgin, Vodafone and Northern Power Grid) and programmes planned in. Once the utility work on the junction has been concluded we will be able to start the work on the junction and the cycle route.

A significant amount of these works has already been completed by the utility companies with the remaining utility works are to be complete by Northern Gas Networks and Northern Power Grid. Northern Gas Networks are to commence on site on the 2 August to 3 September, with Northern Power Grid commencing their works on the 16tAugust to 27 August. BT have confirmed their works can be carried out during the works for the Harlow Moor Road junction improvement.

The current start date for Phase 1 of the Otley Road cycle scheme which includes the Harlow Moor Road junction improvement is 6 September 2021, subject to the above utilities completing on site. If there are any further change we will provide an update on this page. Affected residents will also be notified by advance notification boards.