Let us know what you think about our proposals for a single council and devolution deal for North Yorkshire.

To get a devolution deal, bringing hundreds of millions of pounds to North Yorkshire and the powers to make decisions locally on how it’s spent, the government has ordered us to get rid of our two-tier council system.

There’s a very short timeframe for authorities to put forward proposals to be chosen and consulted on by the government.

We believe that by taking the best services from the county and district councils, and building on those strengths, we can create a new, stronger, single council fit for the future. One that can work extremely effectively at a very local level through ‘double devolution’ where we would pass on more powers, and the money to back them up, to those town and parish councils that wanted them. At least 25 community networks would also be set up, covering market town areas, which would offer residents, voluntary groups and businesses the platform to have their say and deliver on local priorities.

But what do you think? 

Please watch our animation to find out more, it's less than three minutes long and sets out the benefits we think a single, new council would mean for you and the services you receive.


Thank you for taking the time to watch it. Let us know what you think by emailing us at StrongerTogether@northyorks.gov.uk  

How else we're asking for your views

We are listening carefully to the views of our residents and partners and feeding them into the development of our proposals. As well as taking into consideration all comments emailed to us and those we are receiving on social media we're also talking directly to a number of different groups. 


In addition to asking everyone for comments we've also surveyed our existing Citizens Panel for their views. We've carried out three focus groups and are planning a seminar specifically for young people.


We've been in contact with thousands of businesses across the county. We've also carried out three webinars specifically for businesses and more are being planned. You can see more on our benefits for business page. 

Arts, Culture and Sport

We've carried out webinars for representatives from across the arts, culture and sports communities. You can see more on our benefits for arts, culture and sport page. 


As well as speaking to around a hundred organisations directly we've also carried out webinars with larger groups such as the Schools Forum and Independent Care Group.

Parish and Town Councils

We've established a Town and Parish Working Group which is meeting regularly and you can watch our webinar for Parish and Town Councils which over 450 representatives from the councils attended.

Community and Voluntary Sector

Watch our webinar for the voluntary and community sector which we held in addition to speaking directly with community and voluntary groups across the county.