We are recruiting Assistant Director roles, Head of Integrated Care, Development Manager and Principal Social Worker.

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Dear Colleague,

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in these leadership roles.

We are recruiting for 5 posts:

  • 2 x Assistant Directors Adult Social Care (1 permanent, 1 fixed term/secondment)
  • Head of Integrated Care (permanent or secondment)
  • Provider Development Manager (fixed term or secondment for 2 years)
  • Principal Social Worker (permanent)

I have worked in North Yorkshire as Director for more than 8 years and my family roots here go back over centuries, so for me, it’s personal.

The County is also one of the most beautiful parts of England – arguably, the planet! – including 2 National Parks and a stunning coastline, great places to eat and drink and relax, good schools and easy access to big cities, culture and sport.

It’s a great place in which to work as well as to live, which is why we are looking for great people to join our team.

And that team is genuinely Team North Yorkshire, stretching across the Council, the wider public services and throughout communities. 

Yes, we have challenges, like any other part of England. However, we also have a wealth of opportunities. As a Council, we have strong political and officer leadership and a willingness to invest, learn and innovate. 

Over the past decade, we have focused on prevention, developing our Stronger Communities programme and our Living Well service and doubling our extra care housing provision (which now comprises over 1400 apartments to buy or rent), as well as our wider Public Health services. We have improved our joint working with the NHS, with other councils and, crucially, with people who use our services. And we are on a journey to make our social care practice both more confident and more consistent. At the same time, we have managed our resources carefully and done our best to shape new career pathways and become more diverse and inclusive in every sense.

We want to build on these strengths, and, also, on what we have learned from the pandemic, as we bring together 8 councils to create the new unitary North Yorkshire Council in April 2023 and as we prepare for the introduction of social care charging reforms (in January 2023, given that we are one of the national Trailblazer sites) and the Care Quality Commission Assurance Framework. Alongside a series of service developments and workforce measures, we are giving 110% to addressing the challenges that social care faces nationally and locally. 

So, if you are creative and talented, care about people and places and you have a track record of “can-do” delivery, we want to hear from you. We want people who are team-minded, willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones and who are able to step forward and motivate others to make a change. You can make your mark here.

In return for what you can offer to the people of North Yorkshire and to the Council, we will welcome you with a real sense of teamwork, informal support, and personal development. You will find that we are a stable and well-managed authority, committed to getting things done, which means that the Council will make difficult decisions when necessary and will invest courageously, whilst at the same time ensuring that talented individuals have the ability to progress and have an impact both internally and externally.

If you want to see and feel the essence of North Yorkshire, please take a moment to read our recent  Covid-19 peer challenge report (pdf / 312 KB).Richard Webb

Want to learn more? View this video outlining the key aspects of the roles and what we want them to achieve.

If you are interested in being part of our team and in making your mark in North Yorkshire, then we look forward to your application. Whilst the Health and Adult Services directorate (which comprises Adult Social Care and Public Health) is reasonably diverse in terms of sex, sexuality, age and disability, we are keen to encourage applications from all parts of the community and, in particular, from people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Best wishes,

Richard Webb  

Corporate Director, Health and Adult Services 


North Yorkshire is home to over 600,000 people. Nearly 80% of us are adults and 10% of us are over 75. Life expectancy is at, or above, the England average, although there is a 20-year gap in healthy years lived between different parts of the County.

Our ambition is that every adult has a longer, healthier and independent life. We want people to be able to live their best lives and for our communities to flourish. Living our best lives includes being more proactive about talking about, and promoting greater diversity and inclusion: across North Yorkshire and within our own services.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and that is why we have invested for many years in universal and targeted prevention programmes and in extra care housing. 

We are striving to ensure that our practice starts with the strengths that each and every one of us have as human beings and that we make commissioning and investment decisions that, wherever possible, build upon the strengths within our towns and villages and countryside. As part of these aims, we want to work more sustainably to make our contribution to addressing climate change.

We want our care provider colleagues, in the independent and voluntary sectors, and in the council, to provide high-quality care and support and diversify their services to meet the choices and requirements that people will have in the future.

And we want North Yorkshire’s health and social care system to work as one, wherever possible, so that people have the right care and support, in the right place and at the right time. 

Our Health and Adult Services directorate has just published its plan for the next 3 years and this document sets out 3 goals:

1) Opportunities for everyone, everywhere

• Reducing inequalities across North Yorkshire

• Staying Well and Healthy

• Protect the health of North Yorkshire’s residents

• Improving mental health and wellbeing

2) My time and experiences are valued

• Respecting people’s time

• Listening to people’s experiences

• Embracing technology together

• A life outside of caring

3) My home, my community, my choice

• My Home, My Choice

• Opportunities within my community

• Outstanding Services

Our net investment in adult social care is £194m (with a further £24m invested in Public Health) and we employ nearly 2000 people within the Council (and 20000 across the care sector) to deliver vital prevention and care services. 

Most of us live and work in the County. Colleagues really know our many and varied communities and what makes them tick. There is a very strong ethos of “Team North Yorkshire”.

Like every other community and council, North Yorkshire faces challenges around social care. In the past year, fierce labour market competition has seen a contraction in the care workforce across the 500 provider organisations working within the County. However, we are probably as well-placed as most Councils coming out of the Covid-19 restrictions to tackle the challenges ahead and to be able to build on what works well. Leading and working in social care is like painting the Forth Bridge: you have to keep working at it. That’s why we have invested in supporting the care sector, both before and during the pandemic; expanded our hands-on Quality Improvement Team to help care providers when they have a problem and now make this service a pilot across the Council and the NHS; and agreed on a Cost of Care exercise for residential and nursing care (and started a similar exercise for home care). We have a good partnership with the Independent Care Group, which represents most care providers in the County and we have a weekly Care Connected webinar for communications, training and shared learning across the sector.

We have developed our practice and professional leadership alongside frontline teams and continued our longstanding commitment to Confident and Consistent Practice, including through learning and audit. At the same time, Members have supported a multi-million-pound investment package in frontline roles and a regional TV, radio and social media advertising campaign for care workers and called for a national review of their pay and status.

These measures, and more, build on our track record over the last decade and longer, in investing in extra care and supported housing and in prevention services. We now have 28 extra care housing schemes, providing over 1400 apartments to rent or buy, in towns and villages across the County. Some of these schemes provide specialist dementia care and NHS step-up/step-down services and some include other local services such as libraries, post offices and cafes. Our Stronger Communities programme (funded primarily through Public Health Grant) supports universal prevention and community infrastructure and our Living Well programme employs over 40 coordinators working to prevent, reduce and delay the need for people to use long-term social care or NHS services. More recently, a partnership with Scarborough Borough Council and Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust has created an innovative new housing project, REACH, working with people with complex life circumstances around homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol use. 

We are working hard to strengthen how we work in a co-produced way with our residents as a whole and, in particular, with people who use services. There are some great examples of work led by people with lived experience. During the pandemic, the Keeping In Touch working group, which was created following concerns raised by a young disabled man living in a care home, shaped our safer visiting and trips out approach. Self-advocates provided support and advice to people who were shielding. All of this work has built on a network of well-established forums and voice networks and we are looking to support representation and lived experience leadership further in the coming years. 

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board, Healthwatch North Yorkshire and our mutually proactive relationship with the Care Quality Commission play a significant contribution in prioritising quality, safety and lived experience. 

Our work with the NHS, embraces 2 Integrated Care Systems, 7 main NHS Foundation Trusts and 16 Primary Care Networks (comprising more than 70 GP practices) and, during the pandemic, in particular, we have forged stronger and closer relationships. Our re-designed hospital discharge pathway was up and running within 10 days during March 2020 and is now the cornerstone of work we are undertaking to develop an intermediate care model for the County. Joint working with the NHS enabled us to get Covid test kits when they were hard to find to achieve high vaccination levels and to keep the system flowing. We created safer discharge beds ahead of the national Designated Beds scheme. In “peacetime”, we have created an integrated community health and social care service in the Harrogate area (Harrogate and Rural Alliance – HARA) which brings together more than 200 staff and £50m of direct spend, with plans to develop further. Some of our extra care schemes provide NHS step-down services. And our Living Well service is the social prescriber for a third of PCNs. Whilst the whole system faces real pressures, there is a collective will to work together to solve problems and plan for the future.

Likewise, we have developed some very positive working relationships with our colleagues in the 7 boroughs and districts. From April 2023, we will all be part of a new unitary North Yorkshire Council and in 2024 there will be a combined authority serving North Yorkshire and York, headed up by an elected Mayor. Even in advance of local government re-organisation (LGR), we have been working closely: the 28 extra care schemes and other housing initiatives are tantamount to that. 

Public Health is a cornerstone of our Health and Adult Services directorate. Our new Director of Public Health (DPH) was previously the Council’s Assistant Director for Health and Integration and we very much see ourselves as a health and wellbeing directorate, with both universal and targeted responsibilities, in line with both Public Health policy and legislation and the Care Act. The Prevention and Service Development Team spans both Adult Social Care and Public Health and includes colleagues who play a leading role in both services. Likewise, the comprehensive approach to care settings support during the pandemic is being developed further, cementing a multi-disciplinary approach between Public Health specialists, Adult Social Care, the NHS and care providers. 

And within the wider Council, we are conscious that Adult Social Care, as nearly 45% of the organisation’s budget, is a high-cost, high volume and, potentially, high-risk service and so our entire approach is about working corporately to manage both the opportunities and the risk. Our central Finance, Human Resources/Workforce Development and Technology colleagues are integral to what we do and, in return, the directorate endeavours to contribute more broadly to the whole Council agenda. In recent years, we have also made good progress in working with Children and Young People’s Services colleagues on transition issues and shared approaches to practice and to working with the NHS. If you are part of the team, you will be able – and expected - to contribute within the service, throughout the directorate and across the Council and the wider community and system.

The Council’s 90 Members and Chief Executive have a keen interest in older and disabled people, mental health and informal carers. And they provide robust challenge and accountability to the directorate, as being willing to invest in, and support, adult social care.

Beyond North Yorkshire, we play an active role in regional and national networks including the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Association of Director of Public Health (ADPH) and the County Councils Network (CCN).

All of these qualities, stand us in good stead as we work to address the challenges which social care faces - and as we prepare for major reforms to the social care system in England. We have been selected to be one of a small number of Charging Reforms Trailblazer sites, which means we are planning to introduce these changes from January 2023. At the same time, we are preparing for the new Care Quality Commission Assurance Framework which will be introduced in 2023/24.

About the roles

Assistant Director Roles x 2

Salary £86,252- £98,275 plus relocation support (up to £8,000)

Based at County Hall and around the county, including from home.

1 x permanent post and 1 x fixed term/secondment post until 31 March 2024


Now is an exciting time to play a leading role in North Yorkshire. 

We are recruiting for the permanent role of Assistant Director Prevention and Service Development, following the current post-holders success in securing a Director post in Gateshead. Given the scale of the work to be delivered over the next 2 years, a second, fixed term, Assistant Director will be appointed until 31 March 2024, and the workload will be shared between the 2 posts. One post-holder will lead on service and care market development and the Charging Reforms Trailblazer and the other will lead on prevention services, integrated care and system leadership for hospital discharge, and housing, sustainability and technology. Between them, each of the post-holders will also lead work to support preparations for the CQC Assurance Framework and as a key part of the team to support our medium term financial plan.

Both post-holders will be high profile across the Health and Adult Services directorate, as well as within the wider Council and our partnerships with other organisations and with local communities. We are looking for creative, numerate, team-minded people with a strong track record of getting things done and a real passion for the potential that North Yorkshire offers.

Please note that these posts are subject to DBS disclosure. They are politically restricted posts as defined by the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.

If you would like to learn more about the roles, please contact Richard Webb (Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services) at Richard.Webb@northyorks.gov.uk

You can also view the full job description here.

Head of Integrated Care

Salary: £60,567 - £69,001 plus relocation support (up to £8,000)

Based at County Hall and around the county, including from home.

Permanent with options for a fixed term secondment


You will work as the directorate lead for strategic co-ordination of hospital discharge and intermediate care models, leading our commissioning and brokerage activity in this area of responsibility, as well as our approach to CHC and, also, acting as one of the System Discharge Co-ordinators across local government and the NHS. More broadly, you will help develop integrated care services, particularly in collaboration with the NHS. 

You will be a highly visible and influential, strategic system leader and a real ambassador for social care, inspiring confidence in others. Whilst it is a strategic role, your approach will be practical, hands-on and you will get things done.

Subject to a disclosure and barring criminal record check.

If you would like to learn more about the role, please contact Dale Owens (AD Prevention and Service Development) Dale.Owens@northyorks.gov.uk or Richard Webb (Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services) at Richard.Webb@northyorks.gov.uk

You can also view the full job description here.

 Head of Integrated Care (docx / 858 KB)

Provider Development Manager (fixed term or secondment until 31 March 2024, to be reviewed)

Salary: £50,183 - £58,379 plus relocation support (up to £8,000)

Location: County-wide / Hybrid


Reporting to the Head of Service Development, you will play a key role in supporting the development of in-house social care provider services and commissioned services across the wider sector, including the delivery of specific projects. Key areas to progress will include proposed discharge hubs in Skipton, Filey and elsewhere, specialist dementia services in Harrogate, developing a new model of complex care within the Council and working to develop commercially viable business models for provider services across regulated and non-regulated care with analysis of need and demand being interpreted into service delivery.

You will have a real passion for developing provider services, both within Councils and in the independent and voluntary sectors and you will be numerate, with commercial acumen and well-honed project delivery and people skills and able to make a strong business case for returns on investment.

Subject to a disclosure and barring criminal record check.

If you would like to learn more about the role, please contact Dale Owens (AD Prevention and Service Development) Dale.Owens@northyorks.gov.uk or Abi Barron (Head of Service Development) Abigail.Barron@northyorks.gov.uk 

You can also view the full job description here.

 Provider Development Manager (docx / 859 KB)

Principal Social Worker

Salary: £44,624 - £48,618 plus relocation support (up to £8,000)

Contract: Full-time / Permanent 

Location: Northallerton - Hybrid

As part of our well-established Practice team (which reports to the Assistant Director/Chief Social Care Practitioner, is led by the Head of Practice and also includes the Principal Occupational Therapist), you will be the professional lead for social work within the Council, dedicated to improving and enhancing practice, in a way which builds on the strengths of people who use services, communities and practitioners and which drives Confident and Consistent Practice through expert advice, clear leadership, teaching, learning and audit.

Whilst you will be knowledgeable regarding the latest theoretical strategies, your approach will be practical, impactful and you and your team of Senior Social Workers will get things done.

Subject to a disclosure and barring criminal record check.

If you would like to learn more about the role, please contact Cara Nimmo (Head of Practice and Personalisation) Cara.Nimmo@northyorks.gov.uk or Chris Jones-King (Assistant Director of Adults Social Care) Chris.Jones-King@northyorks.gov.uk

You can also view the full job description here.

 Principal Social Worker (docx / 850 KB)

Living in North Yorkshire...

North Yorkshire is a thriving county that adapts to a changing world and remains a special place to live and work. 

Photographs of Whitby Abbey and Ribblehead Viaduct.North Yorkshire's natural beauty is captured in its three areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Nature Reserves, stunning coastlines, scenic rural villages, vibrant cities and market towns. North Yorkshire really is a beautiful, thriving and special place to live and work, rich in heritage and culture.

North Yorkshire features significantly in the ten best places to live in the UK in Halifax Quality of Life Survey 2019. The Quality of Life index aims to quantify where living standards are highest in the UK by ranking local performance across a range of indicators; 

Richmondshire was placed second in the list, a position boosted by excellent personal wellbeing factors (life satisfaction, happiness).

Hambleton was placed fourth and Ryedale was placed eighth, a truly commendable achievement and another incredible accolade for North Yorkshire. 

Photographs of Malham Cove and the sunset from Scarborough beach.

North Yorkshire is one of the safest places to live in England and has extremely low crime rates.  

In addition, the county benefits from excellent road and rail links, with easy access via the east coast mainline, the A1(M) and A19. Leeds, York, Newcastle, Durham and Teesside are all easily commutable, and London/ Edinburgh is just two hours away by train. 

From its lively cities to pretty villages, rolling countryside and grand coastline, Yorkshire has so much to offer.

As a whole North Yorkshire offers a high standard of living working in a stunning location.

Great employment opportunities for your family members along with a higher proportion of schools, which are good or outstanding compared to national figures.

We are a strong performing authority, with supportive political leadership, and talented teams providing the platform to have a fulfilling, challenging and successful career in a truly stunning place.

A recent peer challenge found that North Yorkshire County Council is a good place to work, with strong leadership and a loyal and committed workforce who have access to well-regarded training and development.

We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice, offering a range of training and development opportunities and career progression allowing you to manage your own development journey and empowering you to control your career. Your career can change with your life here in North Yorkshire.

We positively encourage flexible working and we provide you with the technology you need to work from a wide variety of locations. 

In addition to your salary, we offer a range of great benefits to help you financially make life a bit easier. From career average employer contribution pension scheme, green car and cycle schemes, travel loans, shopping and gym discounts to name but a few you can find more information on the range of benefits we offer within our  Total Rewards brochure (pdf / 382 KB) (pdf / 382 KB) . (pdf / 380 KB)

Key documents and websites

Key dates

Assistant Director Roles x 2

Close date: Midnight 30th June
Shortlist date: week commencing 4th July
Assessment events: 13th & 20th July – virtually via MSTeams
Final Interview: 3rd August - in-person at County Hall, Northallerton

Head of Integrated Care

Close date: Midnight 30th June
Shortlist date: 1st July
Assessment event: 8th July – virtually via MSTeams
Final Interview: 11th July - in-person at County Hall, Northallerton

Provider Development Manager 

Close date: Midnight 30th June
Shortlist date: 1st July
Interview date: W/C 11th July 

Principal Social Worker

Close date: Midnight 26th June
Shortlist date: 27th June
Interview dates: 4th & 5th July

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us to discuss the roles in more detail as follows:

Assistant Director roles: Richard Webb (Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services) on Richard.Webb@northyorks.gov.uk

Head of Integrated Care role: Dale Owens (AD Prevention and Service Development) Dale.Owens@northyorks.gov.uk or Richard Webb (Corporate Director of Health and Adult Services) on Richard.Webb@northyorks.gov.uk

Provider Development Manager role:  Abi Barron (Head of Service Development) Abigail.Barron@northyorks.gov.uk or Dale Owens (AD Prevention and Service Development) Dale.Owens@northyorks.gov.uk 

Principal Social Worker role: Cara Nimmo (Head of Practice and Personalisation) Cara.Nimmo@northyorks.gov.uk or Chris Jones-King (Assistant Director Adult Social Care / Chief Social Care Practitioner) Chris.Jones-King@northyorks.gov.uk



To apply please send your CV including a personal statement in one Microsoft Word document to Leanne Auton at Leanne.Auton@northyorks.gov.uk.

It is important that your application states in the header of the email which role you are applying for and that your CV includes your full contact details (telephone, email, address), full employment history (name of employer, job titles, dates of employment and salary), full education history (qualification, grade, dates and name of place of study), explanation of any gaps in employment and the contact details of at least two referees including your current / most recent employer indicating whether you provide us with the authority to contact each referee prior to interview. Your personal statement should outline your motivation for applying and how you meet the criteria for the role as detailed in the person specification. Please also provide details of your current salary and notice period.

We believe in the importance of inclusion, which is why we are always working towards being a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive employer. Learn more about our equality, diversity and inclusion work.

These are politically restricted posts and subject to a disclosure and barring criminal record check.

We are committed to directly recruiting staff and will not accept applications nor services from agency suppliers in respect of our vacancies.