Health and wellbeing

Find out how we work with partners to promote and improve health and wellbeing in North Yorkshire through the public health agenda.

Find out how the health and wellbeing board works to develop robust joint health and wellbeing strategies and sets the framework for commissioning health care, social care and public health services.

Website: Health and wellbeing board

The North Yorkshire mental health strategy sets out a new vision and new priorities for mental health services as well as a series of commitments for the next five years.

Website: North Yorkshire mental health strategy

Find out how we manage and reduce the harmful effects that drug and alcohol misuse causes to individuals and communities; and work to reduce drug and alcohol related crime in the county.

Website: Drugs and alcohol partnership group

The local healthwatch in North Yorkshire provides a single point of contact for people to report their experiences, concerns or their compliments about health and social care.

Website: Healthwatch

Public health is focused on the health of the whole population rather than individuals. Find out about our responsibilities within the area of public health.

Website: Public health

An integrated sexual health service called 'YorSexualHealth' provides sexual health advice, support and treatment for young people and adults in the area.

Website: North Yorkshire sexual health services

Find out about the North Yorkshire strategy to improve the lives of adults and their carers living with autism.

Website: North Yorkshire autism strategy

A joint strategic needs assessment brings together the council, community and voluntary sector service users and NHS partners.

Together we can research and agree local health and wellbeing needs. It also supports and encourages organisations to work together when developing services.

Our joint strategic needs assessment looks at what we know about the people of North Yorkshire and their current and future health and wellbeing needs. It does not look at the particular needs of individual people; it looks at the 'big picture' of people's needs in North Yorkshire and where needs are not being met as well as they could be. It sets out to answer the following:

  • What do people need?
  • What are we doing already?
  • Is it working?
  • Are there things we should be doing but are not? and
  • Are we targeting services properly?

You can see more information as well as download the full report from the joint strategic needs assessment page on the North Yorkshire partnerships website.