We hold occasional masterclasses to give chefs, managers and food business owners guidelines, tips and ideas about serving healthy food.

Our masterclasses run on an informal basis, with a series of short presentations and interactive tasks, designed to inform, inspire and educate. It is not about us telling you what you must do, it is about giving you the knowledge and guidance to enable you to look at your business and what can work for you to ultimately make your food healthier and possibly save money.

What are the masterclasses?

In the masterclass you will;

  • find out the Government guidelines with regards to fat, salt and sugar consumption;
  • learn the secret of healthier frying techniques and good oil management that could save you money and make your takeaway business more efficient; and
  • get ideas on how to make your food healthier - and even takeaways can play a part (and it's much easier than you might think).

Who are they for?

The workshops are for food business owners, chefs or managers.

The masterclasses are open to all businesses interested in knowing more about the health of the food they produce, as well as wanting more information on sugar, salt and fat in food.

When is the next masterclass?

Our last masterclass was in June 2018, in Northallerton.

We have not yet announced the date of the next masterclass. You can express interest by emailing the Healthier Choices team at ts.healthierchoices@northyorks.gov.uk, or by telephone on 01609 534810.