Healthy weight is achieved by balancing energy intake from the food we eat with energy expenditure through being physically active.

If you want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight you will need to consider the types and quantity of food that you eat and if these foods are part of a balanced diet. To balance the amount of energy you are taking in from your diet and prevent weight gain, it is important to build physical activity into your daily routine. Information on the recommended levels of physical activity for your age group can be found on the NHS Choices website.

    Being overweight or obese

    Being overweight or obese can significantly increase the risk of developing ill health. These can include type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer such as breast cancer and bowel cancer, and stroke. Evidence shows that the risk to health increases as BMI increases. For further information on calculating you or your child's BMI see the NHS Choices website.

    Being underweight

    Being underweight can also damage your health leading to issues such as a weakened immune system, tiredness and brittle bones. For more information about maintaining a healthy weight as an adult see the NHS Choices website. If you are concerned about your child being underweight or not growing normally you can access further information here.

    Local healthy weight services

    You can get support to lose weight from our adult weight management service. This is a free 12-week programme designed to support you along your weight loss journey.

    The programme includes:

    • nutritional sessions;
    • weekly weigh-ins;
    • physical activity sessions;
    • techniques to support behaviour change;
    • a personal weight loss plan;
    • a physical activity agreement; and
    • regular reviews to monitor progress. 

    If you are successful in achieving a five per cent weight loss after the first 12 weeks, you will be eligible for another 12 weeks' worth of free support.

    If you are unsuccessful in completing your 12-week programme or achieving a five per cent weight loss, you will be offered advice from your weight management adviser to see what future support you may need.

    Eligibility for the adult weight management service

    Adults eligible for the service must be:

    • aged eighteen years or over;
    • have a BMI (body mass index) equal to or greater than 25; and
    • live in North Yorkshire, be registered with a GP practice in North Yorkshire, or be working for an organisation based in North Yorkshire.

    You will also have to commit to attending the agreed sessions with your weight management adviser.

    If you are not eligible to use the service you can still find information on losing weight from NHS Choices.

    Accessing the service

    You can access the adult weight management service by contacting the provider for your area:

    Area Contact details
    Craven - 'Healthy Lifestyles' Telephone: 01756 792805
    Hambleton - 'Take That Step' Telephone: 01609 767241
    Harrogate - 'Fit 4 Life' Telephone: 01942 404799
    Richmondshire - 'Healthy Futures' Telephone: 0330 120 0544 option 3
    Ryedale - 'NHS Weight Management Service' Telephone: 0800 917 7752
    Scarborough - 'NHS Weight Management Service' Telephone: 0800 917 7752
    Selby - 'Move It, Lose It' Telephone: 01942 404799

    There are two free and confidential programmes available to support children and young people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

    Healthy Choices

    Healthy Choices is a bespoke family service aimed at 5-19 year olds that fall above a healthy weight (91st centile on the BMI chart - you can check your own or your child's BMI using this NHS Choices calculator) and is delivered by a team of healthy lifestyle advisors based across North Yorkshire. The team works with families to make positive, realistic and achievable changes to their lifestyle that are suitable to their individual circumstances.

    For more information on the Healthy Choices service in your area, please telephone 01609 798081.

    MoreLife Camp - residential weight-loss programme

    MoreLife Camp is a fun, active and educational residential weight-loss programme. Through exercise and lifestyle sessions, children are encouraged to set and monitor their own individual goals. The camp staff specialise in various areas of weight management, from healthy eating, physical education and exercise science, to nutrition and child development.

    MoreLife Camp is not about dieting. Each child is given a meal plan by a qualified dietician to ensure they are given the right amount of food based on their individual nutritional needs. MoreLife employs a dedicated camp follow-on support officer to work with families to maintain lifestyle change once they have completed the camp programme, regularly speaking with ex-campers, and running informative online seminars for parents.

    North Yorkshire County Council fund places for 8-19 year olds who live in the county. For more information, please visit the MoreLife Camp website.

    Other useful sources of information

    • One You for tools, support and encouragement to help improve your health right away
    • NHS Choices for information on weight, diet and physical activity
    • Change4Life for ideas and help on how to make small changes that add up to a healthier, happier future for you or your family
    • Our eat well page
    • Our physical activity page

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