A consultation into the proposed HGV weight restriction on Norton Level Crossing

On 9 February 2018 an order was made for the prohibition of heavy commercial vehicles with an operating weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes over Norton Level Crossing for an experimental period of eighteen months. The restriction was sought to reduce the number of large vehicles in the Castlegate area in order to improve the air quality. Castlegate and the Butcher Corner area are covered by an Air Quality Management Plan and as such the County Council, as the Local Highway Authority, is working with Ryedale District Council to improve the air quality.

Large vehicles are seen as the greater contributor to the pollutants that are being measured by the District Council and so their removal from the area was seen as a key factor in helping to improve the situation.

During that period there was a statutory six month period for objecting to the indefinite continuation of the Order. We agreed to take further representations up to 1st May 2009.

Issues raised included:

  • HGV’s still travel through the centre of Malton just by a different route.
  • HGV’s re-routing along unsuitable routes/villages.

Give us your views

We would like to hear your views on whether or not you consider the experimental order should be made permanent.

Give your views

This consultation will run between 3 May 2019 and 24 May 2019. Any responses received after this time may be considered but not included in the consultation.