High Speed Two (HS2) is the planned new high speed rail network connecting London with the West Midlands and the north of England by 2033.

HS2 is being developed in stages. Phase one from London to Birmingham received royal assent in February 2017. Phase two, which includes the eastern leg to Leeds and a connection to the East Coast Main Line at Church Fenton in Selby District, is still in the planning stage.

HS2 phase 2b in North Yorkshire

The Secretary of State for Transport confirmed the majority of the government's preferred route for HS2 Phase 2b in November 2016. This includes the eastern leg to Leeds and a connection to the East Coast Main Line near Church Fenton.

This link will help ensure the eastern leg is fully integrated into the wider rail network. Based on current plans, the link will be used by direct HS2 services to York, Darlington, Durham and Newcastle from both Birmingham and London. 

The North Yorkshire section extends for approximately 7km from the boundary with Leeds (near the junction of the M1/A1M) to the East Coast Main Line at Church Fenton, entirely within Selby District.

In November 2016, the Secretary of State for Transport issued safeguarding directions for Phase 2b. These require local planning authorities to consult the project's developer on all relevant planning applications within the area set out in the directions. The goal is not to prevent development on land that may be needed to build and operate the railway, but to ensure no conflict is created.

County Council reports on HS2

The County Council has considered a number of consultation documents on HS2. Its response is set out in the following reports:

HS2 Limited - principal web page including contact details

Command paper - confirmation of the Government's preferred route for the majority of Phase 2b of HS2

HS2 general factsheets

Phase 2b factsheets and general information

Phase 2b eastern leg factsheets, including Altofts to Church Fenton

HS2 regional factsheets, including York and Leeds

Phase 2b plan and profile maps, including Sharlston Common to Church Fenton (sheets 4 and 5)

Safeguarding direction and maps

HS2 events, including details of local community consultation