The county council has bid for £5m of funding from the government from its highways maintenance challenge fund.

At the end of February this year the Department for Transport launched round 2a of the local highways maintenance challenge fund seeking bids from local highway authorities for maintenance projects 'that are otherwise difficult to fund through the usual formula needs element allocations'.

Bids are for up to £5m and the funding must be spent in 2017-18. The closing date for the bids was 31 March 2017.

The requirement to deliver the project in 2017-18 is very challenging however after due consideration we have been able to identify and develop a package of schemes in the two National Parks that are deliverable in 2017-18.

 Our bid can be seen here (pdf / 2 MB).

The vast majority of our visitors travel in the National Park along our road network whether by car, or cycle. A road network in a poor condition is seen as a major disincentive to visitor travel in the National Park, conversely a well maintained road network becomes an essential part of the visitor experience that underpins the local economy.

Maintaining this road network presents many challenges arising from the local topography and resulting extremes of weather, particularly flooding and frost, leading to a faster deterioration and need for maintenance.

We believe that if successful this bid for additional maintenance of National Park visitor routes will help to support and grow the local visitor economy, especially the high number of small businesses on which this economy is built.