We welcome your interest in applying for a job with us. Find out everything you need to know about our recruitment process.

We know applying for jobs can be time consuming, repetitive and sometimes frustrating so we have made our application process simple, straightforward and online.  

Benefits of online applications

Your personal details and employment history are saved and will pre-populate any further applications. You are also able to track your application and view progress updates.

You can search for a job here. You will need to register with your personal email address.

We only accept online applications unless otherwise stated in the advert. This is to ensure that we capture the same information from candidates to help ensure a fair and consistent shortlisting process. After the vacancy closing date we provide the hiring manager with your anonymised application with your personal details and equal opportunities removed.

We reserve the right to use relevant social media to validate information about you to help determine suitability for a role. This will be focussed on professional activity and will be used where relevant to the job.

Your candidate journey

We recognise the recruitment process can be confusing and does vary depending on the post. Here is an overview of the stages in our recruitment process:

Every post we advertise will include a job profile, outlining the duties required of the role, and a person specification, describing the skills, knowledge and abilities to do the job.

Please read all the documentation before you apply so that you can reference and evidence how you are suitable for the job.

Here are some tips to enhance your application:

  • focus on the 'supporting evidence' section of your application. This is the place to showcase how you are the ideal candidate for the job
  • refer to the job profile in the 'supporting evidence' section so the hiring manager can see relevant examples of the qualities they are looking for
  • if the advert refers you to any other websites with further information about the role it is important to read this before submitting an application
  • remember to download the job profile and any additional documents on the job advert as you will be unable to access this once the vacancy has closed
  • the hiring manager will receive your application in an anonymised format during the shortlisting stage so remember to use this opportunity to make yourself stand out amongst the rest

You must submit your application before midnight on the closing date.

Anonymous application forms will be sent to the recruiting manager for shortlisting on the next working day after the vacancy closes.

A recruiting panel will complete the shortlisting process in line with the criteria of the job profile. They will assess your entire application, with most attention focused on the 'supporting evidence' section, so you need to ensure you have provided sufficient information.

If you are shortlisted, you will receive an invite to interview which is usually sent electronically to the email address listed on your application form. This email will contain information about how to electronically book an interview slot. Please be aware that this is done on a first come, first serve basis. 

If you are not shortlisted, you will receive notification via email and also status updates against the vacancy in your online account. Please note that due to high volumes of applications we are unable to provide feedback to those who have not been shortlisted.

Interviews can be a daunting task, so here is some advice to make the process run as smoothly as possible for you.

Your invite to interview will be sent to the email address listed on your application. This will contain details such as the post, hours and location of the interview in addition to information about what original documentation to bring. You will need to book a time for your interview by clicking on the link in the email. Please note that the link expires 48 hours before the interview. 

Preparing for an interview

  • revisit your application, look at the job profile to re-cap the main duties and responsibilities of the role
  • research about us as an organisation, as well as the particular service area you are being interviewed for. This could give key information on current agendas, hot topics and priorities which could be relevant for the job you are interested in
  • prepare plenty of examples to showcase how you meet the job criteria
  • think about the questions you would ask if you were interviewing someone for that role
  • the interview is also your chance to ask questions and the panel will be happy to answer these. You may want to ask about the job, service or perhaps terms of employment

You will be informed prior to interview if there are any tests for you to complete as part of the recruitment and selection process. If you have concerns about the interview or assessment process or if there are adjustments we can make to enable you to do your best on the day, please contact our employment support service.

You are required to present certain documents as part of the employment checks, namely:

  • evidence of your right to work in the UK (you will receive guidance documents with further details about what satisfies this check)
  • evidence of your qualifications
  • evidence to support your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application (if applicable to the job). Please note that if you are required to complete an online DBS application you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to complete this as well as guidance on acceptable evidence

If you cannot attend the interview, please contact our employment support service so that the manager can be notified.

You will be contacted by the hiring manager about the outcome of your interview after the recruitment process has concluded. Feedback can be provided on your request.

If you are successful at interview and offered the job, there are a number of pre-employment checks which need to be completed before you can join us in post.

You will need to provide original documents as evidence of the following: 

  • right to work in the UK
  • proof of qualifications
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance (if applicable to the post)
  • pre-employment health check
  • references

You can find out more about pre-employment checks here.

You will be verbally offered the job on a conditional basis by the hiring manager responsible for the interview process.

Following this, you will be made a conditional offer of employment in writing to the email address stated on your application. The offer is conditional on the provision that all pre-employment checks prove to be satisfactory.

The hiring manager will keep in touch with you throughout this process and it is important for you to take any action to help speed up the recruitment process to ensure that all clearances are secured as quickly as possible. For example please contact your referees in advance to let them know the reference request is coming and returning all required forms.

When you are waiting for your clearances to be processed you are encouraged to contact our employment support service or your new manager for updates on how your appointment is progressing.

Once clearances have been received and approved by the hiring manager, a start date will be arranged with you and we can look forward to you commencing employment with us. You will be sent an on-boarding document before your start date which provides information such as what to expect on your first day and week, as well as information about each service area.

Your new line manager will arrange the start date with you and ensure that you have the details needed before you start, such as where you report to, what time, dress code and parking.

Arrangements regarding your pay and contract will be completed and therefore it is important you have provided the information requested from you such as bank details.

Your manager will take you through the information you need for induction into your job.


Before you begin your journey with us as an employee, the on-boarding document will give you an insight into the council so you can begin to develop a greater understanding of our service areas as well as introducing you to the successes and challenges we face as an organising operating across a diverse geographical area.

Prior to your first day, your new manager will be able to answer any questions you have and they will provide you with information such as start time and parking. On your first day you will be given the official corporate welcome to the council including a thorough induction into your job.

In addition, employees must be aware of the following:

  • managers will ensure services are developed and delivered in accordance with the aims of the equality policy statement in response to the needs and aspirations of service users
  • employees will work in accordance with the aims of the equality policy statement within own area of responsibility
  • North Yorkshire County Council provides front line services, which recognises the need to respond flexibly to changing demands and circumstances. Whilst a job description provides a summary of the post, this may need to be adapted or adjusted to meet changing circumstances. Such changes would be commensurate with the grading of the post and would be subject to discussion with the postholder. All staff are required to comply with county council policies and procedures
  • the county council requires a commitment to equity of access and outcomes, this will include due regard to equality, diversity, dignity, respect and human rights and working with others to keep vulnerable people safe from abuse and mistreatment
  • the county council requires that staff offer the best level of service to their customers and behave in a way that gives them confidence. Customers will be treated as individuals, with respect for their diversity, culture and values

Further information

Our behaviours framework has been developed to reflect our 2020 North Yorkshire values and leadership principles. Engagement with our staff and trade unions has helped to ensure that the new framework is relevant to everyday life in our services. The framework describes six behaviours that are key to the daily work of colleagues and focuses on two key outcomes: enabling excellent customer service and driving high performance and continuous improvement.

The six behaviours are:

  • focusing on customers and communities
  • taking responsibility
  • working together
  • acting with integrity
  • building a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
  • leading by example

You can  view a copy of the behaviours framework here (pdf / 837 KB).

If you apply for a school vacancy, the school will hold all details of the vacancy and your application. You should contact the school for further information and updates.

We do not hold a register for supply teachers. If you would like to do supply work in a North Yorkshire school, contact the individual school directly. Schools are responsible for handling the appointment of supply teachers and carry out all appropriate employment checks.

Details of our schools are available here.

The guidance notes at the beginning of the application form may help.

If you have difficulty with the questions on the form you should contact employment support service for advice: EmploymentSupportServiceRecruitment@northyorks.gov.uk or telephone 01609 532190.

If you experience technical difficulties, email our web recruitment provider at nyccsupport@wcn.co.uk. These details are also displayed on the help and instruction pages.

We do not want to discourage any applicants from applying for vacancies. Alternative options are available for applicants with disabilities.

Amending your application

Once you have submitted your application you are unable to alter this and this can only be done by the recruitment team before the closing date.

To amend your application form after you have submitted it, please email the request with the amendments to: EmploymentSupportServiceRecruitment@northyorks.gov.uk.

This would depend on your circumstances. If you do not have access to the internet, you would need to find internet access either via friends or family, a job centre or library.

If you have a disability that prevents you from applying online or you need further support, you should contact employment support service by email: EmploymentSupportServiceRecruitment@northyorks.gov.uk or telephone 01609 532190, where adjustments will be explored.

All our temporary agency services are commissioned via Matrix. We never utilise temporary agency services directly.

If you would like to supply temporary workers or would like further information on Matrix terms, email supplier.enrolment@matrix-scm.com.

For permanent vacancies we are committed to employing staff directly and rarely use agent services. 

When applying for a job with the council, you do so in a secure environment. Our recruitment software meets stringent security regulations, all applications come directly to us and we seldom use agencies.

If you are applying for a job outside the council, follow these tips for staying safe online:

Don’t pay

Be wary of job roles that ask for cash upfront for things such as security checks, visas or stock (if working from home). It isn’t illegal for an employer to request that you pay for a disclosure and barring service check, but it is the most common option.

We will never ask for payment for a disclosure and barring service check. 

Don’t call first

Let the interviewer call you for a telephone interview. Premium rate number scams can sometimes be used which cost you for every minute you’re on the line.

Hold back personal details

Don’t disclose personal details if you don’t need to.

We take copies of your ID and proof of national insurance in person when you visit our office. Once you have started employment we ask for your bank details so we can pay you.

If you’re being asked for these details to be sent via email, make sure that it is a reasonable request. If you’re unsure, speak to someone.

Make sure they’re real

Scammers can reach out to you after finding your contact details on job boards, offering roles at well-known companies.

Be sure to check that the representative of the company is who they say they are before sending any confidential documents over - email signatures can be easily forged and convincing email addresses can be made.

If they really are calling from the company, you can expect to visit their offices for an interview, and to be able to reach them from the main office telephone number.


You should research the company and make sure they’re reputable. A quick internet search should bring up their website, social media, reviews and other associated content. For very small businesses, you could try searching on Companies House, or visiting the premises if you’re local to ensure the company is what it claims to be.

If in doubt, don’t take the risk

If you see anything that looks suspicious or that you’re unsure of, get in touch with us directly before going any further. We’ll be able to check the validity of the link and the legitimacy of the recruiter before you click a button, even if it’s just to put your mind at rest.

For more information on recruitment scams and how to keep yourself safe, please visit the SAFERjobs website.