Home education or homeschooling is where parents choose to educate their child at home. Parents must ensure their children receive a suitable education.

Whilst most parents choose to use schools, it is the legal right of parents to educate their children at home if they wish and we will co-operate with those parents who make this choice.

Where parents or carers are considering home education for their child:

  • either before they start any schooling (but are approaching statutory age); or
  • as an alternative to the existing school a child is already attending:

we will provide a home visit by a family outreach worker to ensure the family are aware of the processes, any requirements and what guidance or resources are available to support them.

Children with special educational needs

You can still request an education, health and care plan (EHCP) assessment for your child even if they are home educated. We will review the progress of a child with an EHCP every year, but we do not provide home tuition or funding for home tutors for a child who is homeschooled.

A few parents decide to home educate because school isn’t going well for their child; maybe they are stressed and find it hard to get there, maybe they have been excluded several times. In these cases we would recommend that you contact SENDIASS for advice before making the decision to home educate as we may be able to support their placement in school, or suggest other options.

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