Support services to help you live independently in your own home, including alarms, skills, advocacy and training.

Some examples of the things we can help you with are:

  • learning domestic, life or social skills to become more independent;
  • assistance in applying for benefits, budgeting and managing debts;
  • finding somewhere to live and setting up home;
  • gaining access to other support or community services;
  • finding out about work or training;
  • dealing with other professionals, family and neighbours and advocating on your behalf;
  • keeping an eye on your wellbeing; and
  • providing alarm systems to enable people to call for help in an emergency.

If you receive help at home through for example, Telecare, Lifeline, a warden service or because you reside in a supported living scheme, we can work out the amount you can contribute towards the cost of those services through a financial assessment.

These services are provided by different providers across North Yorkshire. You can contact us for more details of this service.

You can find out about home improvement services here.

More information from the NHS

See the NHS pages below for more information on independent living: