Grassington Hub and the village library provide a focal point for many community-led activities and have held that position since 2009.

The current community library replaced a mobile service, itself introduced to replace the traditional village library after its closure.

That was the result of hard work by village volunteers and their ambition quickly grew to provide a ‘hub’ which would support other local enterprises.

Since its inception, the hub has developed into an organisation which supports many groups, from a once-a-month lunch club to hosting a community cinema and acting as a ticket office for the organisations which put on events and entertainment in the area.

It also operates a village forum, which brings many diverse groups together so each is fully aware of progress with various events and activities in the area.

But one crucial role that Grassington Hub took on was to become one of our network on Community Support Organisations, set up when the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns hit the country.

In reality, the hub’s trustees had met the day before they were approached by the county council and had already agreed to step up to help the community.

Volunteers followed a pattern repeated across the county, providing vital services like food deliveries, prescription collections and medical transport for those who needed it.

The community support work will continue into next year, now helping to coax those who found themselves isolated as a result of lockdowns back into mainstream society and activities.

Hub manager Angie Dalton said: “We have been helping organisations recover services - we still provide transport and deliveries where people need it, but also we are helping people to come out and join in activities.

“We are looking at what we can do until March next year, looking at making services sustainable in the long-term.”

That means working to ensure services like a telephone befriending service, set up when face-to-face meetings could not take place, can continue into the future because it remains popular and needed.

The hub relies on volunteers and the goodwill of people in the area, who support it with either regular or ad-hoc donations.

Activities like the lunch club and cinema are either self-sufficient or make a small surplus, helping the hub to kick-start other services for the community, along with grants.

That means it is constantly evolving and able to react to the needs of the community as new demands unfold.

More details can be found on the Grassington Hub website.