The Healthy Child Programme in North Yorkshire - easy read version

What is this leaflet about?
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This leaflet is about the Healthy Child Programme in North Yorkshire.
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The Healthy Child programme is the name for some health services the council and their partners provide for children and young people, like baby checks and emotional wellbeing support.
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We need to look at what is included in the Healthy Child programme, because we have less money to pay for things than we used to have.
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This means that we have to make the money we do have go further.
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We are asking you to tell us what you think about our ideas.
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What are our ideas?
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We want to make sure children under five are doing well, to give them the best start in life.
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All newborn babies and their parent(s) will have a face to face visit from a Health Visitor.
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We also think we should help young people to look after their own mental health.
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we couldn’t visit anyone at home to see them and do health checks.
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We learned a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic about how to help people by talking to them online using video calls.
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So, in future, we might visit some families at home, and contact some families online.
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We would like you to tell us what you think of our ideas about the Healthy Child Programme.
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There are lots of ways you can do this!


You can fill in the survey on our website

You can ask someone to help you do this.


Or you can call 01609 780780 and ask us to send you a copy of the survey in the post.


Please post your answers back to us in an envelope with a stamp – the address is:


Healthy Child Consultation

Central Admin Team

North Yorkshire County Council

County Hall


North Yorkshire


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Or you can email if you want to ask a question or tell us what you think.
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We would like you to do this by Monday 4 January 2021.
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You can also register for an online meeting to listen to our ideas and ask questions.
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You will need to have access to the internet and an email address to log in to an online meeting, or someone else can register for you.
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You can find out the dates and times of the online meetings here.

You can let us know you want to log in to a meeting by clicking where it says ‘register’, next to the date and time of the meeting you want to log in to.

If you would like this leaflet in a different format, please ring North Yorkshire County Council Customer Services Centre on 01609 780780.

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Thank you for reading this information and answering our questions.
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