Information about lessons available in schools

Lessons take place in school during the school day and are available to pupils attending LEA schools throughout North Yorkshire.

  • A minimum of 28 lessons is offered each academic year - though in practice the total could reach 32.
  • Lesson length will be between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the group size and tuition option chosen.
  • Every effort is made tfit in with school timetabling requirements and to ensure that there is minimum disruption to lessons in school. Tuition in most Secondary schools is on a rotating timetable so that students do not miss the same lesson each week.
  • Progress reports are issued at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms via the practice diaries and a full written report is provided in the Summer Term.
  • It is vital for good progress to be made that pupils practise between lessons. Parents are asked to encourage playing of the instrument and this can be recorded in the practice diary.
  • The cost of lessons is still subsidised and currently stands at £69.80 per term for tuition in a standard Group (Prices from Easter 2019 to Easter 2020): Individual lessons are also available. The Service offers a discount for families with more than one child having lessons and remission schemes for qualifying benefits – please Tuition fees for details.
  • Fees can be paid either by direct debit or cheque (termly in advance). Full details are given as part of the registration pack
  • A registration pack will be emailed to you once the teacher confirms that lessons can go ahead.
  • For full details of the Terms and Conditions – full details on the Terms and Conditions document Instruments – it may be possible to borrow an instrument, but in most case it will be necessary buy one, for information regarding options please see Assisted Purchase Scheme document or ring 01609 532783.
  • For pupils undertaking GCSE / AS / A Level Music courses, assistance is available with tuition fees for the performance instrument – subject to confirmation by your child’s school.
  • Privacy Notice : The Music Service collects your personal data in order to process your application / registration and to provide the requested music tuition. For more detailed information on why the Council stores and processes your data please refer to our privacy notice

To make a request for your child to have lessons - please complete the on-line request form on the North Yorkshire Music Hub website under the Instrumental Tuition menu  Alternatively please call us on 01609 532783 if you have any questions, or would prefer to request lessons over the phone