North Yorkshire County Music Service Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Options

Taster Lessons

These are available where schools make a specific arrangement with us. They will normally be half an hour long and may include up to 8 pupils. They would also only be appropriate for a short time such as one or two terms during which a pupil will be able to decide whether or not they would like to continue by taking one of the options below. Instruments can often beprovided free of charge for these taster lessons. There will normally be a charge for tuition (collected by schools) and this may vary according to the group size.

Standard Group

These lessons will normally be in a group of up to four and lessons will be twenty to thirty minutes long. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn vital ensemble skills in addition to making progress both technically and musically. There will be a strong emphasis on learning with and from each other and pupils will also gain the confidence to perform in front of others.

Individual 20 minute lesson

This option would be suitable for a pupil who might benefit from a more individual approach to his / her learning. It may be that they are progressing at a different rate to other group members or that they play an instrument that is not easily catered for in a group situation. This option is particularly suited to those pupils who are keen to study towards examinations.

Individual 30 minute lesson

You might take this option if you want an individual lesson for your child that offers more time to focus on particular elements of your child’s learning and especially if he or she is working at a more advanced standard.

Music Centres

Six Music Centres run ensemble sessions throughout the year where pupils can develop their ensemble skills and share their enjoyment of music with others of a similar age and experience. This experience is vital for the development of all round musical skills.