Selby District Places and Movement Study glossary of terms

Modelling work: Technical assessment of roads and junctions to understand the impact of any changes to the transport network.

Leeds City Region Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) programme: A major programme of work for transport infrastructure, including proposals for Selby Station. Led by West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA).

Sustainable travel: Methods of travel including walking, cycling and public transport that have a lesser impact on the environment.

Heritage assets: A building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as significant and needing consideration in planning decisions, because of its heritage interest.

Heritage Action Zone: A four-year programme of activity led by Selby District Council, at the historic core of Selby town, following a successful bid to the Historic England High Street Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) fund.

Selby District Local Plan: The New Local Plan is a vision and framework for future growth of our district, identifying where new housing, employment and other development could take place. It also sets out the policies we'll use to decide planning applications.

Selby Conservation Area: An area of special architectural or historic interest which should be preserved or enhanced.

Public realm: Streets, squares, forecourts, parks and open spaces that are publicly accessible and open to everyone.

Courtesy crossing: A crossing point on the road that is designed to let pedestrians cross more easily without officially requiring traffic to stop.

Street clutter: Street furniture, advertising and other signage/objects on streets and spaces that may not be required and take up space.

Boundary treatment: A defined edge or enclosing of a building or space.  

Civic space: A space which is used by a community as a setting for public buildings or community events.  

Abbot’s Staith: A historic landmark in Selby, formally a medieval storehouse for the Abbey.

Guard railing: Continuous railings at the edge of footways, designed to stop a person leaving the pavement until a designated crossing point.

Vehicle dominance: When cars and other vehicles take up most of a space.

Surface materials: What streets/spaces are made of and look like.  

Green riverside corridor: A section of the riverside that could have trees/vegetation along the length of it, connecting habitats for wildlife.

Traffic calming: the deliberate slowing of traffic using road layout or signage measures.

Gateway: An arrival or entry point to a town before a high street or well used space within the town centre.