Selby Place and Movement study frequently asked questions

Is this the same project that you recently asked for views on?

We have just closed the first consultation on proposals for the Transforming Cities Fund project in Selby. Selby Place and Movement is a separate study to the Transforming Cities Fund proposals.  This study  is looking in the longer term at what changes could be made to Selby and Sherburn-in-Elmet, to improve the way in which traffic moves around the towns. These changes could then give more opportunity to look at how streets and public spaces are set out and used, and how this could be improved. The study takes into account the proposals put forward as part of the Transforming Cities Fund project, and the Selby Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, and looks to complement those plans.

Why are you doing this now?

We want to have plans in place for the future, and have options developed sufficiently to be ready for bidding opportunities. Our aim is to improve the environment for people visiting, living and working in  the area.

Why are you not considering Tadcaster?

Tadcaster was part of the initial study. This element of the study has been paused so as not to conflict with proposals being considered as part of the Selby District Local Plan. Proposals for Tadcaster will be developed towards the end of 2021, once there is an agreed way forward on the town centre changes proposed in the Selby District Local Plan and following further technical assessment of those proposals.

When might the ideas in these proposals be carried out?

At this stage, the study is looking at options and feasibility (how likely it is that a scheme could be constructed).  Once the consultation has taken place and the feedback has been considered, the options will be filtered down further. We will then be able to consider possible ways of funding proposals and the timescales.

Who will pay for it?

This is dependent on which of the options are decided to be most appropriate.  It might be that it is paid for by central government, through funding pots made available as part of competitive bidding, or it might be that depending on the value of the schemes, a major scheme business case will be required.  This is where a request is made to government to provide the funding for a scheme, because the cost is greater than a local authority could be expected to fund. Generally, it applies to schemes costing more than £5m.

These plans are not detailed enough - when can we see designs?

More detailed plans will be drawn up when a preferred traffic movement option has been decided upon as this will, to some extent influence the other options for the town centre improvements.  At this stage, the plans, which set out initial ideas, are the right level of detail for the current stage.

How can I make comments on this?

Please fill in the online survey on this page. You can also attend one of the online events to find out more.

If you need the survey and information in a different format or language please contact us on or call 01609 780780

Copies of the survey are also available at the following libraries from 12 April (subject to the planned lifting of some Covid-19 restrictions going ahead):

Sherburn and villages community library
Finkle Hill
LS25 6EA

Selby library
52 Micklegate

Will this impact on my ability to drive into Selby?

Depending on which proposal has the potential to be taken forward subject to funding, there may be changes to the way in which the roads operate. This will also allow better facilities to be provided for cyclists and pedestrians, and in some cases improve access for buses.   

Will this stop me being able to park where I want in Selby or Sherburn?

There might be changes to parking, but this will be considered in more detail at a later stage. It is important that we take into account the needs of all road users in the towns and try to reflect this in the way that transport and parking is managed and organised.

Will there be an impact on buses or taxis?

There may be changes to the way in which buses and taxis move round the towns. Any changes will be made in consultation with the relevant transport operators at a later stage.

Will there be an impact on access to businesses and retailers for deliveries and service vehicles?

There may be changes to the way in which service vehicles access businesses. Any changes will be made in consultation with the relevant businesses. 

Will vehicular access be maintained for blue badge holders?

Yes. Vehicular access would be maintained for blue badge holders.

How can I ask a question not covered here?

You can submit a query to or attend our online events – details on this page.

Will there be an impact on taxi parking and operations?

Depending on which options are chosen for potential development, there may be changes to the way in which taxis park and operate. Any changes will be made in consultation with the relevant businesses at a later stage. 

How can I stay updated with future consultations? /the results of this consultation?

There will be further opportunities to have your say on these proposals.

Future consultations will be publicised on @northyorkscc social media and accessed via this website. The feedback from the Place and Movement consultation will be reported to Selby District Council’s Executive and North Yorkshire County Council’s area constituency committee for Selby and Ainsty in Summer 2021. The report from this meeting will be available on our website.

How long would the projects take?

Accurate timelines cannot be provided at this early stage.

Timelines would be estimated as part of further detailed design work.

How much will it cost?

Accurate costs cannot be provided at this early stage. High level cost estimates will be produced for the preferred options and proposals after consultation.

Why are these options being considered, and not others?

We have looked at a wide variety of options. The proposals we are asking about have been narrowed down using a variety of criteria, including the deliverability, cost and how well they meet both councils’ aims.

What will happen next?

After the consultation ends, the responses will be studied and analysed and a preferred movement option recommended. This will allow more detailed proposals for the town centre improvement options to be developed. This will be reported to elected members and then further development undertaken.