The council is a signatory to the ‘North Yorkshire Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol’, helping provide a better service to customers.

Multi-Agency Information Sharing

The sharing of personal data between public sector organisations is essential to the efficient and effective delivery of public sector services. Whilst there are risks involved with data sharing it has long been recognised that refusing to disclose personal data can be a risk just as much as disclosing too much data.

In March 2015 several organisations in the York and North Yorkshire areas agreed to establish consistent principles and practices to govern sharing of personal and non-personal information taking place between Partner Agencies. This is known as the ‘Information Sharing Protocol’.

The Protocol has since undergone several reiterations and now has many more public sector organisations signed up to the Protocol from the following sectors:

  • Local Authorities (district, unitary, and county councils);
  • NHS Organisations (NHS trusts and clinical commissioning groups);
  • Housing Associations;
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, and Ambulance); and
  • Other public sector organisations (i.e shared services, charities, and commissioners).

A full list of Partner Agencies can be found in Appendix A of the Protocol.

It is important to note that the Protocol is not an information sharing agreement itself but instead sets standards for Partner Agencies to follow when sharing information.

North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police, York Crown Court and the Crown Prosecution Service are also signatories to a standalone Protocol in relation to cases of alleged child abuse and linked criminal and care directions case hearings. For information about the local practice document please refer to the  local practice and disclosure of information in cases of alleged child abuse, linked criminal and care directions hearing (pdf / 295 KB).

For information about the protocol document please refer to the  protocol and disclosure of information in cases of alleged child abuse, linked criminal and care directions hearing (pdf / 2 MB).

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