Providing funding to organisations for new or creative approaches in adult social care.

Our innovation fund aims to support voluntary and community organisations in innovative approaches to provide early intervention or prevention measures to transform adult social care in the county and help to prevent, reduce or delay the need for statutory social care services.

The programme is delivered in partnership with social enterprise Your Consortium, which manages the fund on the County Council's behalf. The fund began in 2011.

Fourth round of funding

Grants for the fourth round of innovation fund funding were awarded in January 2017, and seven organisations have now been successful in being awarded funding for eight projects to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable residents and reduce loneliness and isolation.

The fourth funding round will have a greater emphasis than previous rounds on evaluation and measuring outcomes of projects delivered, and an evaluation report will be produced following the end of the funded projects delivery period.

This will be the final round of innovation fund awards in its current format. In future, innovation will still be supported and encouraged, but the funding will become part of our Stronger Communities programme. The Stronger Communities programme supports development of community-run services that improve the health and wellbeing of older people, vulnerable adults and carers. Aligning the two programmes will ensure the most is made of the investment available.

Name of organisation Location Summary of activities Value of grant
North Yorkshire Sport Countywide Will deliver accessible football sessions and training to people with mental health problems across North Yorkshire, working in collaboration with local football clubs and mental health services.  £25,000
Herriot Hospice Homecase Hambleton and Richmondshire To manage increasing demand for support will recruit and train community bereavement volunteers who will support people referred for support with bereavement. £20,223
Orb Community Enterprise Harrogate Will provide early intervention and prevention support  to people with non-complex mental health issues, including designing personal activity and wellbeing plans to include activities such as singing, music, art, cooking and volunteer training. Will be working in collaboration with North Yorkshire County Council's Living Well team. £21,214
Horton Housing Selby and Craven (two schemes) Delivery of community cafés which aim to improve the lives of those at risk of social isolation or who have low level mental health issues. To include training volunteers to act as mentors and deliver mental health awareness training.  £37,500
Art Therapy Yorkshire Scarborough and Ryedale Will provide art therapy as early intervention and prevention work with people who have non-complex mental health issues. Sessions will be provided to individuals and groups, with referrals made by local mental health services. £22,100
Rural Arts Hambleton Will deliver arts-based activities to older people, using technology to measure physical responses to activities, both during activity and at follow-up discussions. The bid was produced in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University and aims to establish what impact different activities have on people's wellbeing. £24,591
Musical Memories Ryedale Will provide workshops to people with dementia and their carers on singing and reminiscence to address social isolation, rurality and progression of dementia. £24,993

Previous innovation fund grants

There have been three previous rounds of payments from the innovation fund in which £954,000 was distributed between twenty projects.

In the first round of grants, £324,000 was split between the following eight projects.

You can also  view a map showing the location of each year one project in North Yorkshire (pdf / 226 KB).

 A summary of outcomes from the third round of funding can be read in the impact report (pdf / 756 KB).

Project Organisation Grant Project summary
Daytime Activities Age UK North Craven £37,000 A project to improve the quality of life, provide opportunities for socialising and ageing well support for people aged 50 and over.
Development Officer Paperworks £41,000 A project to provide additional support to trainees working in the Paperworks social enterprise and expand the areas where trainees can work.
Fit as a Fiddle Age UK North Yorkshire £46,000 A project to develop opportunities for exercise and other activities for older people in a number of sites across Hambleton and Richmondshire, to enable residents to stay active and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
Individual Day Activities and Street Shopping Age UK Knaresborough £45,000

A dual project to support older people in the community:

Individual Day Activities will reduce loneliness and isolation by planning activities for people who can no longer manage to stay socially active.

Street Shopping will provide a practical solution for those who cannot get to the shops themselves and will also help to prevent isolation.

SIDE by SIDE Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind £50,000 A project to bring social prescribing to rural Whitby and Ryedale, enabling carers with mental health problems to benefit from support and inclusion.
Social Groups for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder National Autistic Society £7,000 A project to enable people with an autism spectrum disorder to develop long-term, self-sustainable support mechanisms; gain skills in a positive and safe environment; and to have better control over their social life.
Social Inclusion Alzheimer's Society £50,000 A project to provide a more localised and proactive approach to care activities, in order to reach people who are currently not accessing care and support services.
Under 1 Umbrella Pioneer Projects £50,000 A project to develop greater collaboration with other provider-community groups and organisations in order to offer a wider choice of activities to people with or without health and social care needs.

In the second round of grants, £630,000 was split between 12 projects. Details for eleven of these projects can be found below.

You can also view a  map showing the location of each year two project in North Yorkshire (pdf / 224 KB).

Project Organisation Grant Project summary
A1 Computer Works A1 Community Works £50,000 A social enterprise trading in IT maintenance, web design and the sale of second-hand equipment and offering employment and training for 15 people in Richmondshire.
All Together Now Carers Resources & CareFree £50,000 A project that aims to deliver innovative sessions across the Craven area for carers, those they care for and the isolated and vulnerable. The project will provide 300 places a year.
Creative Coffee Creative Support £47,255 A social enterprise project to run a coffee cart service in the Whitby area, offering training to enhance job prospects. The project will benefit 28 people by its third year.
Grow your own community Rural Action Yorkshire £49,600 Development of seven community hubs in rural communities across North Yorkshire, offering preventative social care and early intervention, involving about 200 people and 50 volunteers.
Harrogate training project Disability Action Yorkshire £50,000 A project to train disabled people in the skills required to gain paid employment or volunteering opportunities, through a training programme linked to a furniture social enterprise in Harrogate. This will benefit 40 people by its second year.
Here to Help North Yorkshire Centre for Independent Living £49,990 A project to provide support for people who are considering or already receive a direct payment to ensure they are given the support and information required to take more control over their lives and live more independently. The project will benefit 80 people by its third year.
Horton Community Café Horton Housing Association £50,000 A series of community café hubs, aimed at vulnerable adults, as an alternative to day care. They will provide daytime activities based around the needs identified in the community, such as independent living skills, educational opportunities, debt management and healthy cooking. This will benefit 300 people by its second year.
Purple Hub Purple Patch Arts £49,350 A self-sustaining organisation in Harrogate and Craven running groups and activities as an alternative to day care and offering a trainee programme to prepare people for work or volunteering. The project will have 100 members and 40 volunteers by the end of its third year.
Roll With It Wilf Ward Family Trust £50,000 A social enterprise project to run a sandwich delivery service in the Pickering and Kirkbymoorside area, as part of the social enterprise café at Vivis Lane in Pickering. The project will provide employment opportunities for up to 11 people with learning difficulties.
Selby Garden Enterprise Groundwork North Yorkshire £50,000 A gardening service providing training and work experience for 40 people a year in the Selby area.
Unit Three Autism Plus £48,500 A social enterprise offering a bespoke letterpress print service, a central hub for distribution for charity shops and an ironing service. The initiative is designed to help people who face significant barriers, such as learning disabilities or autism, to find work. Unit Three will employ 26 people by its third year.

In the third round, 32 grants were awarded to support projects to deliver preventative services. Details of the projects are below:

Name of organisation Main project theme Summary of activities Value of grant
Purple Patch Arts Reducing loneliness or isolation Offer 15 adults with learning disabilities a weekly arts education programme which reduces social isolation, increases a sense of belonging, increases engagement with the arts and increases weekly exercise that they take up. £9,977
Rural Arts Reducing loneliness or isolation Deliver a pilot project in rural parts of North Yorkshire of workshops, exhibitions and performances specifically designed for elderly people.
Develop a programme of creative / cultural interventions based on elderly people's interests.
Horton Housing Association Reducing loneliness or isolation Pilot Community Café "on tour" project will extend to the most rurally isolate and lonely in delivering a timetable of three weekly, three-hour pop-up sessions throughout the area. Activities will include information and advice, informal learning and more leisure based activities. View some of the work on YouTube here. £15,000
Age UK North Craven Reduction in fuel poverty / winter deaths Keep Warm in Craven project will increase access to benefits take up expertise, government schemes to fund or improve fuel efficiency and the best fuel deals. Volunteers will receive accredited high level training in the actions which tackle vulnerability to winter cold and minimise fuel costs. £15,000
National Energy Action Reduction in fuel poverty / winter deaths Training for Craven HIA staff in NEA's Level 3 Energy Awareness course. Raise awareness of issues related to cold damp homes, fuel poverty and EWDs to social care professionals.
Provide home visits to assess householder need for warmth interventions. Seek £10,000 from Craven District Council for capital costs to use as a 'crisis fund'.
Deliver energy saving / bill management events to target group.
Wellspring Therapy and Training Reducing loneliness or isolation Provide 36 adults with six week first aid workshops in emotional resilience. Provide 18 with in-depth one-to-one counselling. £14,980
Relate Mid-Yorkshire Reducing loneliness or isolation Provide relationship counselling to individuals, couples or families to address issues concerning loneliness and isolation.
Help carers express their needs, e.g. for regular breaks or support.
Yorkshire Yoga Prevention of falls Use a programme of yoga techniques to address the physical and psychological needs of those in the Harrogate district who are at risk of falls. £14,785
Orb Community Enterprise Reducing loneliness or isolation Provide activities to help engage at risk adults to break the cycle of isolation and improve mental health.
Provide opportunities to progress into volunteering.
Art group, singing group and music group held in a supportive community-based environment and make up 90 classes over three terms.
The Rainbow Centre, Scarborough Reducing loneliness or isolation Offer formal volunteer placements to clients to combat isolation, loneliness and exclusion, for those with a history of homelessness or substance misuse.
Undertake initial assessments and induction reviews to ensure suitability for the project and train new volunteers in health and safety etc.
Harrogate and Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service Reducing loneliness or isolation Empower 20 'at risk' people to benefit from taking up a long-term volunteer placement.
Recruit and train mentors / buddies to support clients during the early part of their volunteering journey.
Ripon Community Link Reducing loneliness or isolation Creating small, unthreatening and accessible community events that include music and food. Groups for new mothers, those with mental health illnesses the elderly and other isolated groups. £10,361
Rural Action Yorkshire Reducing loneliness or isolation Work with village halls in rural areas to help them become community hubs, providing early social care interventions.
Developmental activities have focused on older people to help them stay connected to their communities through their hall.
Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource Supporting people to remain in their own homes Enable individual carers to review their own health and wellbeing.
Provide comprehensive advice and information to encourage carers to look at their own mental and physical health.
Signpost carers to specialist organisations that can provide training and learning opportunities etc.
Age UK North Yorkshire Supporting people to remain in their own homes Shop and Drop with Confidence service offers a one-to-one service to take older people to local shops to give practical help on food hygiene and nutrition.
Drop-in afternoon sessions offered at Age UK offices to provide companionship and information on healthy eating etc. Introduction to shopping online.
Rural Action Yorkshire Reduction in fuel poverty / winter deaths Provide a comprehensive package of support to those at risk of fuel poverty or those vulnerable during severe winter weather. Galvanise whole communities to act to keep residents safe, warm and healthy whilst also targeting vulnerable individuals with advice and support. £15,000
Horton Housing Association Reducing loneliness or isolation Develop a series of community cafés in the Craven district; weekly sessions in Skipton and Ingleton, monthly sessions in the villages of Gargrave and Embsay and 'pop-up' sessions in remote villages. Sessions will be educational and preventative, including self-development and leisure based opportunities. One-to-one support will be provided where needed. £15,000
Selby District Association of Voluntary Service Prevention of falls Deliver a strength and balance programme to help improve mobility, balance and co-ordination to maintain participants' quality of life and reduce falls.
Train front line staff to identify high risk participants, ensuring appropriate signposting.
Age UK North Yorkshire Prevention of falls Work together with a range of health and care professionals to improve access to falls prevention services for people in later life who are at risk of falling. Individual circumstances and need are triaged with a package that covers home safety check, tailored exercises to help maintain independence and balance, one-to-one personal trainer / group attendance up to six visits, free prevention literature and PSI class (if appropriate). £15,000
North Yorkshire Sport Reducing loneliness or isolation The project will see age and ability appropriate sport delivered in five local communities in the Hambleton district. Sports including Boccia and New Age Curling will be delivered over eight weeks by qualified staff. £15,000
The Carers' Resource Reduction in fuel poverty / winter deaths Deliver information sessions about fuel poverty and associated health conditions at flu clinics and organised events. Offer one-to-one advice / support with a fuel poverty specialist who can refer on directly for debt advice or income maximisation. £14,081
Harrogate Skills for Living Prevention of falls Reduce likelihood of falls of those at risk or those who have already experienced a fall by implementing practical control measures such as a home risk assessment, de-cluttering etc. £15,000
Age UK Scarborough and District Reducing loneliness or isolation Enable elderly people to use digital technology with a focus on communication and shopping. Seek advocates within the community to testify to the advantages of digital technologies and assist as trained Age UK volunteers. £14,923
The Carers' Resource Reducing loneliness or isolation Provide three courses, each of six social sessions around reminiscence across Craven and Harrogate. Participants encouraged to create their own memory boxes to form 'show and tell' activity. £14,818
Thirsk Clock Reducing loneliness or isolation A social activity is held at least once every week for anyone who feels socially isolated. These include discussion groups, coffee mornings, practical support; transport, ICT etc. £14,900
Selby District Vision Reducing loneliness or isolation Create and develop relationships between service users, local communities and support organisations.
Train social leader cohorts to develop these relationships using the systems of support in place.
Implement a client database to provide continuity throughout the follow on service and to lessen the workload of public sector resources.
Whitby, Scarborough and Ryedale Disability Action Group Reducing loneliness or isolation Create, develop and pilot a peer-supported befriending service for disabled and elderly people in Whitby and district. Link volunteers with people who have expressed a need for contact having regular telephone contact and meeting clients at their homes to identify any support required. £13,495
The Leyburn Arts Centre Ltd. Reducing loneliness or isolation Develop sessions which will run twice per month to give isolated people the opportunity to socialise. Provide transport for those with accessibility issues. Keep activities low cost by working with Age UK, churches and small businesses etc. as well as utilising volunteers. £14,858
Esk Moors Caring Ltd. Reducing loneliness or isolation Provide one-to-one support to frail, elderly and lonely people in their own homes. Enable carers to spend a little more time with clients on a social level, reducing loneliness. Allow carers to identify appropriate volunteers to sustain companionships at the end of the project. £13,088
Ryedale Special Families Reducing loneliness or isolation Establish a social group for young adults with disabilities, illnesses and additional needs. Two thirds of sessions being social and leisure activities of the young people's choosing. £10,496
Live Music Now Reducing loneliness or isolation Songs and Scones project - every month 80 people gather to enjoy a cabaret style event which begins with an informal participatory music session, with uplifting songs from across the genres. The evenings build companionship and are a catalyst for overcoming social isolation. £10,520
Pioneer Projects Reducing loneliness or isolation 'Making Art' groups for people who have memory loss or dementia take place in Skipton and Settle. Participants engage through personally tailored art forms including drawing, painting, printing, music, dance and storytelling. £14,914

A further nine small grants totalling £8,590 were made to the following organisations to enable low cost activities that have a big impact in local communities:

  • Yorkshire Yoga;
  • Breathing Space;
  • Stokesley and District Community Association;
  • St Hilda's Almshouses Trust;
  • Rural Arts;
  • Keyring Living Support Networks;
  • Ryedale Carers Support;
  • Ability - IT CAN HELP; and
  • Disability Action Yorkshire.