Language and cultural support for children

We provide assessment, advice and support to schools admitting children who speak little or no English.

This may include additional funding for short-term teaching assistants, as well as training for teachers and teaching assistants. We also give information about different cultural backgrounds and languages and help staff to work with English as an additional language pupils in the mainstream.

We offer training and support packages and bilingual resources to help with communication between school and home, and can suggest links for translation and interpretation skills. A home teaching project has recently been set up in which pre-school children and their carers are helped to develop their language skills.

The minority ethnic achievement network

The network works with young people from minority ethnic groups, including gypsy, Roma and traveller communities and speakers of English as an additional language. It provides support through our hub schools, who give advice and training to teachers and other professionals in your child's school.

It will help you to:

  • understand the education system;
  • get your child a place in a school or pre-school;
  • communicate with staff in schools, children's centres and other local services;
  • find English, literacy or numeracy classes or support for adults;
  • become involved in your child's school and the community; and
  • sort out problems with your child's school or within the community.

Professionals in our hub schools will help your child to:

  • settle into school;
  • understand and be involved in the school curriculum;
  • make friends and adapt to school routines;
  • make progress in school; and
  • find career and further education opportunities. 

Further information

There are six hub schools in North Yorkshire. If you need advice, you can contact your nearest one to arrange a meeting.

Catterick and Richmond

Telephone: 01748 832292


Telephone: 01756 707623


Telephone: 01423 506060

Scarborough, Malton and Coast

Telephone: 01723 363280

Selby and South

Telephone: 01757 702464

Thirsk and North

Telephone: 01609 533831 or 07967 295149

For any other issues on this subject, please call 01609 798554 or email