Visit libraries safely.

With the Government easing of protective measures from July 19th we would like to reassure you that your safety remains our priority.

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable so would ask that you treat others using the building with consideration as we know that many visitors wish to remain cautious.

We are managing the reintroduction of services and there will be local variations. For details of services from your local library find out more from our Library and Record Office services during Coronavirus (Covid-19) page, or check the Facebook page or website of your local community library for further information.

Books are usually loaned free of charge. Other items, such as CDs and DVDs, can be borrowed for a small charge.

Other services, such as staff research and reserving items, may also have a charge.

Charges and fines information

Select an option below to view charges and fine information.

Item borrowed Charge per item Loan period
Audiobook £2.50 Three weeks
Children's audiobook/story CD Free Three weeks
Music CD £1.50 Three weeks
DVD £2.25 Three weeks
Language course (short) £2.50 Three weeks
Media subscription Two items at any one time (all formats): £35 for 12 months or £20 for six months  

If you are a member of North Yorkshire's libraries, you can use the computers 60 minutes per day for free. Additional free time can be requested to complete complex tasks: up to one extra hour per day.

Concessions apply to:

  • anyone aged 18 years or under in full-time education;
  • jobseekers in receipt of benefits; or
  • people whose use of computers is severely restricted by a physical or cognitive difficulty.

After the free period, the following charges apply:

Library members £1.50 per 30 minutes
Non-members £2.50 per 30 minutes
Concessions £1 per 30 minutes

Subscriptions for using library computers

Annual subscription (12 months)
  • £15 for six hours per week
  • £10 for three hours per week
Quarterly subscription (three months)
  • £5 for six hours per week
  • £3 for three hours per week
Unlimited time subscription
  • £35 for 12 months
  • £20 for six months

Printing charges

A4 sheet
  • 10p per sheet for black and white printing
  • 50p per sheet for colour printing
A3 sheet
  • 25p per sheet for black and white printing
  • £1 per sheet for colour printing

Fines will be incurred if books are returned after the due date. Fines are not charged for overdue audiobooks, CDs and DVDs, as they are hired on a per-loan basis. If you keep the items past the return date, you will be charged for additional loan periods until you return them.

The fines for overdue books increase daily. Books may be renewed up to five times without returning the books to the library, provided they are not required by anyone else.

Overdue fines

Library opening days overdue Adult rates Children's and teenage rates
 1 day or part day overdue  £0.30  £0.15
 2 days or part day overdue  £0.45  £0.15
 3 days of part day overdue  £0.60  £0.15
 4 days or part day overdue  £0.75  £0.15
 5 days or part day overdue  £1  £0.15
 6 days or part day overdue  £1.25  £0.15

Overdue fines for weeks or part weeks overdue

Weeks or part weeks overdue Adult rates Children's and teenage rates
 Second week or part week  £2.50  £0.25
 Third week or part week  £3.50  £0.50
 Fourth week or part week  £5  £0.75
 Fifth week or part week  £6  £1
 Progressing to maximum  £7.50  £1

There are charges for all lost or damaged stock. All invoices will include a £5 administrative charge.

Book stock

Books in print will be charged at the latest published price. Out-of-print books will be charged at the latest published price subject to the minimum charges below:

  • adult non-fiction hardback: £17.10
  • adult non-fiction paperback: £12.51
  • adult fiction hardback: £16.50
  • adult fiction paperback: £8.42

There is no charge for junior stock.

Rare or extremely valuable stock

We have the discretion to charge a suitable market price.

Damaged stock capable of repair

Where the stock can be repaired, the net cost of the repair will be charged (a minimum of £2.50), along with an administrative charge of £5 per item.

Offering an acceptable replacement copy

You may offer an acceptable replacement copy of the item lost or damaged. The item will be accepted if it has a useful library life.

Audio visual stock

Audio visual stock includes cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Charges for lost and damaged audio visual items, regardless of whether the titles are still available, are: 

  • £5.95 per audio CD;
  • £8.71 per CD other than an audio CD; and
  • £16.91 per DVD.

This charge will be applied to each damaged item when a set is involved.

Lost or damaged covers or cases (where the item of stock itself remains undamaged) will be charged at £2.

In addition, there will be an administrative charge of £5 on all audio visual stock invoices.

The charges below apply to library and mobile library stock.

Books and periodicals

A £1 charge will be made for each book or periodical request. If requested items are not collected, reservation fees will be added to the customer's account.

Subject requests will be charged per item supplied. Requests for books, journals or periodicals (including individual articles) obtained from outside our library stock will incur an additional charge of £10 per item. There is no concessionary rate.

Audio books, CDs, DVDs and language courses

There is no charge for requesting these items, but hire charges will apply when the item is collected from the library.


Children, teenagers and young adults are not charged for requesting children's or teenage books or story tapes. These exemptions refer only to the exempt person and not to their families or representatives.

Find out more about reserving books and other items here.

Where staff members provide copying, printing or scanning, there is a handling charge of £7.50. This includes administration, first class postage and up to ten copies of the photocopies / printouts or three copies of the microfilm or microfiche reader printouts. Additional copies will be charged at the appropriate rate added to the basic handling charge.

More extensive research

For research taking more than 30 minutes, there is a £15 charge, which also covers the handling charge, the first ten copies of the photocopies / printouts or three copies of the microfilm or microfiche reader printouts, together with first class postage and packing. For more details on the research service, see the research and business information services page.

If you lose your card, the first replacement is free but after that there is a £1.50 charge.

An annual reading group subscription of £25 allows groups to request up to ten copies of a title, subject to availability. Titles should be requested at least two months in advance of the meeting date.

Service Cost
One hour sessions promoting public library use Free
Delivery of an activity or event £180
Advisory or consultancy visit (half-day) £330