Filey is a familiar friend for many people – both residents and visitors – but progress is needed to keep the community alive and vibrant.

By the spring of 2022 a new masterplan should be in place, with a ten-year lifespan to address the aspirations of residents and ensure it maintains its status as a visitor destination.

Details of that masterplan, a joint initiative between Filey Town Council and Scarborough District Council, will not be decided for a few months but one thing is already certain – it will be guided by the desires of those who live in the area.

Consultations have already taken place and while some items on residents’ wish-lists are too ambitious to become a reality, others are likely to be introduced.

Filey beach

They include a residents’ parking scheme to make life easier for householders as well as plans to upgrade the sea-front paddling pools, play areas and parks.

The Mayor of Filey, Cllr Jacqui Houlden-Banks, said: “The aim is to make the town more inclusive, for both residents and tourists.

“We are working in conjunction with the residents’ survey, the council is taking into regard all elements which have been raised in the survey.

“The masterplan will be for the benefit of Filey and the community.”

The masterplan is being partially financed and supported by Scarborough Council and is expected to be implemented within ten years. This will stretch beyond the deadline for local government re-organisation where a new council will supersede Scarborough and North Yorkshire.

“When the new authority comes in, we are hoping that everything we are developing will continue,” said Cllr Houlden-Banks.

“We have a plan; we are a strong council and a positive council and are working very hard to achieve what the community have asked for.

“We don’t want to change the ethos of Filey, but want to add value and will be keen to work with the new authority.”