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There are several transport issues in and around Malton and Norton which previous studies, such as the Malton & Norton Infrastructure and Connectivity Improvements Study, have examined. One of the key outputs of this study was the Internal Junction and Traffic Signal Study, which forms the focus of current work. The Internal Junction and Traffic Signal Study looked in more detail at different options to improve traffic, queuing and congestion, and modelled the impact on the transport network. Information on the process followed, and how a suitable potential scheme has been identified, are below. It is important to note that the scheme has not been finalised. Your feedback will help inform further work and development.

How have we developed options?

The Internal Junction and Traffic Signal Study looked in more detail at potential options and modelling the impact of these options on the transport network.

Two areas were identified where there was an opportunity to improve traffic, queueing and congestion; Butcher Corner and the area around the level crossing (Castlegate, Church Street, Welham Road, Norton Road).

These junctions were selected as they are key locations on the road network, where several routes all come together to connect into the centre of the two towns.

Butcher Corner already has traffic lights and pedestrian facilities, but improvements can be made to the operation of the traffic lights.

The level crossing area currently operates with priority given to Castlegate and Welham Road – Church Street and Norton Road have to give way. Improvements can be made to managing priority, and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Improvements to the Welham Road / Church Street / Norton Road / Castlegate junction near the level crossing

  • A range of junction layouts and options were tested. The options considered included reversion of priority from the existing layout, a mini-roundabout and different traffic signal options. These options did not provide clear benefits over the current layout, and had some negative impacts e.g. road safety.
  • Traffic signals at the junction (based on the existing junction layout) were also looked at, but this did not provide sufficient benefits, and could cause more delays.
  • Further options which were looked at and discounted for the junction included; restricting/banning individual movements and one-way systems.

Improvements at Butcher Corner and One Way / Gyratory Systems to help the overall transport network

  • Traffic signal changes were looked at for Butcher Corner as there is limited space for more significant changes.
  • The option of removing approaches to the junction, and making them one way, was tested to make sure that journeys could still be accommodated with different routes. It was found that the proposed changes, including one-way gyratory systems across both towns, would make congestion worse.
  • Other options considered included a technology-based solution to make the junction more efficient, and a right turn green arrow (traffic signal) to improve traffic flow and increase ‘green light time’ for vehicles turning right from Castlegate to Old Maltongate.

All the options were scored against costs, how deliverable they were, and the benefits and disadvantages for different road users. We used the outputs from the Internal Junctions and Traffic Signal Study to develop the current scheme.

What is the proposed scheme?

Following analysis of modelling and design work to date, it was found that the proposed options as part of the Internal Junctions and Traffic Signal Study could not fully relieve the impact of congestion in Malton and Norton.

However, from in depth modelling, it was found that a combination of some options together would allow for better management of traffic, queueing and congestion, which would reduce delays. These proposed options are:

1) Technology changes to Butcher Corner Junction

  • New ‘right turn green arrow’ for traffic coming from Castlegate.
  • Upgrade of technology to better control traffic lights and manage traffic flow.

A map showing changes near the level crossing. Contact us for this information in a different format.

Download a bigger version of the  level crossing improvement plan (pdf / 311 KB).

2) Traffic signal control at Welham Rd / Church St / Norton Rd / Castlegate junction linking with rail level crossing

  • Traffic signal control added to the junction (this will be supplemented with changes to road layout at Church Street/Norton Road).
  • New pedestrian crossings across Welham Road and Norton Road.
  • Reconfiguring Church Street junction to single lane.

3) Infrastructure Changes at the Welham Rd / Church St / Norton Rd / Castlegate junction

  • Norton Road to be one-way westbound to reduce traffic movements onto the level crossing.
  • One-way system on Norton Road will free up road space to accommodate a new footpath/cycleway towards the train station.

Map showing technology changes to Butchers Corner junction. Contact us for this information in a different format.

Download a bigger version of the  Butchers Croner improvements plan. (pdf / 341 KB)

What are the scheme benefits?

  • Bring benefits to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, in addition to better management of the overall transport network.
  • Better manage queues at the Welham Road / Church Street junction, and reduce the number of vehicles using routes, such as St. Nicholas Street, to ‘jump the queue’.
  • Benefits for pedestrians and cyclists with new signalised crossings at the level crossing junction, and new footway/cycleway on Norton Road. This will provide a safe route between Norton and Malton train station.
  • Advance stop lines for cyclists at the level crossing junction will allow cyclists to safely join the front of the queue.
  • More efficient management of traffic at Butcher Corner, benefitting all road users.
  • Better management of the road network in Malton and Norton, even with the planned increase in level crossing closures.

What are the scheme impacts?

  • There is an AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) at Castlegate meaning that the impact of the proposed scheme on air quality had to be tested.
  • Analysis showed that the proposed scheme is expected to have an impact on air quality within the AQMA at Castlegate.
  • The scheme will have an impact on bus routing, as buses will be diverted back towards Malton, before travelling along Wells Lane and south-bound along Castlegate.

Norton Road One-Way System

  • As a first step, we intend to trial the one-way system on Norton Road.
  • The one way system will be trialled for an initial three month period, before progressing with the rest of the proposed scheme.
  • This will be a temporary change to allow for detailed air quality measurements to be taken to assess the impact of the re-routed traffic on air quality.
  • The main aim of the trial is to better inform development, and further consideration, of the proposed scheme.

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